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Vegas Advantage covers gambling at Las Vegas casinos. This includes our Las Vegas Blackjack Survey, Las Vegas Table Game Survey, Nevada online poker rooms, Las Vegas sportsbooks and open Las Vegas poker rooms. We also have an active blog where we write about the latest games and news, as well as promotions that we think are valuable and trip reports. Every section of Vegas Advantage is explained in detail below. 

Our goal is to give Las Vegas casino players the best chance of winning. We started covering Las Vegas casinos in 2010. We decided to go independent in 2018. That is when we launched Vegas Advantage.

The biggest features of this site are the Las Vegas Blackjack Survey and Las Vegas Table Game Survey. We started the blackjack survey in 2010. We added table games in 2014. By 2018, we had every Las Vegas casino that deals table games in our database. 

Las Vegas Blackjack Survey

Our Las Vegas Blackjack Survey covers every blackjack table in the market. This includes the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas. We also have this information for the entire locals market, including Henderson and North Las Vegas.

The survey has all the blackjack rules offered at each Las Vegas casino, like surrender, re-split aces and if the dealer hits or stands on soft 17. It also has the minimum bet we expect the casino to post based on our visits to that property. 

The Las Vegas Blackjack Survey is broken down into two sections. One covers the games by the part of town. The Las Vegas Strip is broken up into three sections. Downtown Las Vegas has a page. There are two pages dedicated to the locals market. It covers Summerlin, Henderson and North Las Vegas casinos. This helps blackjack players find the best nearby games. 

The other section is broken down by the type of game, like single deck, double deck, six/eight-deck and blackjack variants dealt in Las Vegas. This helps players looking for a specific blackjack game find it easily. This survey was last updated in January 2021.

Las Vegas Table Game Survey

Our Las Vegas Table Game Survey covers non-blackjack games found in the pits. This includes baccarat, craps, roulette, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Major games have a dedicated page that covers all aspects, like minimum bets and special rules. This includes the number of zeros on roulette wheels, maximum craps odds, double or triple craps field payouts on 12 and the Pai Gow Poker variants found at each Las Vegas Strip, downtown and locals casino. All games have minimum bet and casino location information. It was last updated in January 2021. 

Open Las Vegas poker rooms

One of our most popular sections is the directory of open Las Vegas poker rooms. We update it weekly with information announced by the poker rooms. The types of cash games and poker tournaments offered, as well as rake and promotions, are included in the 19-page Las Vegas poker room section. 

Las Vegas sportsbooks

A Las Vegas professional sports bettor anonymously authored our Las Vegas sportsbook section during the pandemic closure in May 2020. The information provided includes Nevada sports betting apps, parlay and teaser payouts, the type of action a book accepts, and the pro’s opinions of the operation. 

Nevada online poker

Nevada online poker was not the success the industry hoped when it launched in April 2013. We have a review of WSOP.com. There is also a page for Partypoker, a site that is expected to enter the Nevada market in the future.

We think Nevada online poker can make a comeback if it has some competition. WSOP.com holds an online poker monopoly in Nevada after Ultimate Poker and Real Gaming failed. 

Vegas Advantage blog

We have a Las Vegas blog with over 100 posts related to Las Vegas casinos. Topics include new games, promotions, news, trip reports, hotel room reviews and coverage of our blackjack and table game surveys. 

Las Vegas casino FAQ

What is the minimum age for gambling in Las Vegas?

Casino players must be at least 21 years old.

Can minors walk on Las Vegas casino floors?

Yes. However, minors may not loiter on the casino floor. It may only be used as a path to another destination. 

Do any Las Vegas casinos ban minors?

Yes. Circa in downtown Las Vegas does not permit minors to enter the property, except to dine at a specific restaurant at the hotel. Many local gaming taverns also ban minors. 

Is smoking permitted in Las Vegas casinos?

Yes. Casinos are exempted from the statewide smoking ban.

Are there any non smoking casinos in Las Vegas?

Park MGM is the only non smoking casino in Las Vegas.

Are Las Vegas casinos open?

Yes. Las Vegas casinos were permitted to reopen on June 4, 2020. 

Are Las Vegas poker rooms open?

Yes. There are 19 open Las Vegas poker rooms. Some are only open on weekends.

Are Las Vegas sportsbooks open?

Yes. All Las Vegas sportsbooks have reopened.

Are Las Vegas bingo rooms open?

Yes. Most Las Vegas bingo rooms are open. 

Are all Las Vegas Strip casinos open?

Yes. Every Las Vegas Strip casino has reopened. Some hotels are closed on weekdays. The Mirage and Encore properties are entirely closed Monday at noon through Thursday hotel check-in time.  

Are drinks comped in Las Vegas casinos?

Yes. However, there is sometimes a minimum bet or play requirement to be served at slots. 

Are face coverings and masks required in Las Vegas casinos?

Yes. Nevada has a statewide mask mandate for most indoor businesses.