Buffalo Bill’s Reopens, Primm Valley Reduces Operations

Buffalo Bill’s is now fully reopened. I visited the property on December 23, 2022, as the finishing touches were being handled, like getting machines online and restaurants open. 

The biggest news at Buffalo Bill’s is that it is now home to the Primm table games. Players will find four $15 6:5 blackjack tables, a $15 mini craps table with 3-4-5 times odds, $15 double zero roulette and $10 Three Card Poker. The pit is in the same area as before the closure. 

These tables were moved to Buffalo Bill’s from Whiskey Pete’s. The table games at Primm Valley Resort are still on the floor, but appear to be permanently closed. 

The hotel at Buffalo Bill’s is now open. A representative of the property said that the rooms on the market have been renovated. It will be the only hotel open in Primm unless a second one is needed due to demand. 

There was still work to be done on the slots at Buffalo Bill’s, but I think there will be little to no video poker on the casino floor. The only video poker I found was at the bar. The high limit video poker machines that offered 8/5 Bonus Poker and 15/9 Deuces Wild are gone. 

Buffalo Bill’s amusement park

I am often asked about the amusement park at Buffalo Bill’s. The Desperado roller coaster’s entrance is now an arcade. The log flume has arcade games and what seemed like a fake wall around it. The Frog Hopper is still there. However, it was not in operation, and has been idle for about five years. When I ask representatives about the roller coaster, I always get a no comment type of response. 

I have serious doubts about the Buffalo Bill’s roller coaster ever reopening. However, it seems that the new strategy is to make this property the Primm flagship, so that may give it a chance. 

Primm Valley Resort’s hotel closes, casino floor emptied

The operations at Primm Valley Resort have been scaled back dramatically. In addition to the table games being closed, half of the casino floor is empty. Everything between the stadium gaming and outlet mall is now closed. Most of the machines in this section were moved to Buffalo Bill’s, according to an employee.

The last night guests stayed in the Primm Valley hotel was December 22. Guests were moved to Buffalo Bill’s for the night of December 23.

I asked employees if there is a renovation planned on the property. I received several answers that led me to believe its future is unknown.

Not much had changed at Whiskey Pete’s

Whiskey Pete’s was nearly identical to my last visit. The only differences were that the arcade is now open, and the table games that have been closed since at least March 2020 were gone. As noted earlier, those games are now at Buffalo Bill’s. The space where the pit once was sits mostly empty now.

My opinion on the changes

It makes sense for Buffalo Bill’s to be the flagship of Primm. It seems to be the property with the best branding. The amusement park, open or not, helps with that. It is also home to the Star of the Desert Arena. Buffalo Bill’s reopened during a few weekends in 2022 to accommodate those guests. Now, the hotel will always be open, so it will make shows easier to book and operate. 

The remodeled rooms should help the situation. With Terrible’s in Jean permanently closed, Primm has a monopoly on hotels between the California state line and M Resort. I wish them the best with that market advantage. 

Pictures of Buffalo Bill’s

Here are some pictures that I took of Buffalo Bill’s in Primm on December 23, 2022.

Pictures of Primm Valley Resort and Whiskey Pete’s

Here are some pictures that I took at Primm Valley Resort and Buffalo Bill’s and Whiskey Pete’s on December 23, 2022. Many of these pictures were taken from the top of the Whiskey Pete’s parking deck. 

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