South Point

South Point and Rampart Sportsbooks

Operating a few miles south of the Strip with a heavy local presence, the South Point has earned a reputation for having one of the best-run sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Bookmaking legends Chris Andrews and Jimmy Vacarro are among those running the show for owner Michael Gaughan, who proved his commitment to the sports betting industry by allowing radio network VSIN to build a studio inside his casino in 2017. The South Point sportsbook is open 24 hours.

South Point sportsbook website

Located in Summerlin, the Rampart is a sister book that uses the same mobile app and betting lines as the South Point. Rampart has renovated its sportsbook in recent years, and the new location provides an excellent viewing experience.

Both properties put an emphasis on customer service and adhere to an old-school style of bookmaking, offering a fair shake to all players regardless of skill level. The betting menu might not be the largest and the limits might not be the highest, but it is rare to run into issues trying to place a bet.

South Point sports betting menu

South Point and Rampart have wagering on professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, MMA, UFC, NASCAR, along with college football, basketball, and baseball. They offer prop bets on selected events and will offer live wagering during commercial breaks on selected events. Occasionally they will offer markets no one else in town is offering, such as college football games of the year in the summer or the team to score the first touchdown on a college football Saturday.

South Point sportsbook contests

Currently there are no contests being run at the South Point or Rampart.

South Point sportsbook limits

Few operators encourage customers to come in and place a large wager with them like the South Point. Chris, Jimmy, and the bookmaking crew have earned a reputation for welcoming all comers and pride themselves on not chasing away business. They will always give a fair bet if a customer comes into the casino to make a wager over the counter. While the limits are not as high on the mobile app, South Point is among the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

South Point mobile sports betting app

South Point and Rampart use Nevada Sports Books and Stadium Technology to run the mobile betting apps. You can visit either location to sign up, where you must fill out a W9 and will need a valid driver’s license and club card from the casino.

While the two properties use the same betting lines and mobile app, deposits and withdrawals must be made at the property the account was created. Currently there are no alternative ways to fund your account through the app. Cash must be deposited and withdrawn at the counter. South Point does not offer any sign-up bonuses for new mobile accounts.


Both locations are well-known local hangouts that generate an excellent atmosphere on game day. Available seating at the newer Rampart book is not always easy to come by, and the South Point book is always filled to the brim during football season.

The South Point sportsbook is home to its famous hot dog cart. The price is $1.50 these days.

VSIN’s beautiful glass studio located next to the South Point sportsbook floor provides a different element, with guests having the ability to look inside and see popular radio personalities breaking down the action while they place bets or watch games. The VSIN hosts will even invite customers on air from time to time.

South Point parlay and teaser odds

South Point and Rampart offer parlays on most straight bets and futures, with certain exceptions for markets that are correlated. They allow teaser bets for pro and college football and basketball, and have parlay cards, teaser cards, and reverse teaser cards available for pro and college football.

Here are the teaser and parlay odds tables, per the South Point house rules:

Pro Football Teaser Odds6 points6.5 points7 points
2 teams4/55/72/3
3 teams7/56/5EVEN
4 teams12/511/59/5
5 teams4/17/23/1
6 teams11/25/19/2
7 teams8/17/16/1
8 teams10/19/18/1
NCAA Football Teaser Odds6 points6.5 points7 points
2 teamsEVEN10/115/6
3 teams9/58/53/2
4 teams3/15/22/1
5 teams9/24/17/2
6 teams7/16/15/1
7 teams9/18/113/2
8 teams12/110/19/1
Basketball Teaser Odds5 points5.5 points6 points
2 teams10/115/610/13
3 teams3/213/1011/10
4 teams2/19/53/2
5 teams7/23/15/2
6 teams5/14/13/1
7 teams7/16/15/1
8 teams8/17/16/1
Off the Board ParlayPayout
2 teams13/5
3 teams6/1
4 teams11/1
5 teams22/1
6 teams40/1
7 teams75/1
8 teams150/1

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