Where to Play $5 Blackjack in Las Vegas in 2023

South Point Table games

Inflation has hit the country hard. Las Vegas is no different. However, there are still casinos where $5 blackjack is available. Many pay 3:2 on a dealt blackjack.

Some tables have minimum bets lower than $5. Three of these pay even money on a dealt blackjack.

All the games mentioned below hit soft 17. Players may double down before and after splitting. Some $5 games may not be available during peak hours like nights and weekends. This information is from our summer 2023 newsletter. 

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Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand is the only downtown Las Vegas casino that deals a real $5 blackjack game. It pays 3:2. Surrender and re-split aces are available. Downtown Grand has the only blackjack in downtown Las Vegas with these rules. It is dealt out of a continuous shuffling machine.

There is also a $1 blackjack game at Downtown Grand. It pays even money on blackjack. 

Downtown Grand table games are open 11am to 3am Monday through Thursday and from 11am Friday to 3am Monday morning. You will also find a $5 craps game with 10 times odds. These $5 games may go up to $10 during busier hours. 

Golden Nugget $5 Lucky Cat Blackjack

Lucky Cat Blackjack rules at Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada

Golden Nugget has a $5 blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas. However, it comes with several undesirable strings attached that make it the worst blackjack game that I have ever seen. 

The game is Lucky Cat Blackjack. When the dealer has a 22, it rolls some dice for a longshot bonus instead of paying out a bust. Most of the time, it is a push. The game pays 6:5 on blackjack. The worst part is that there is a $2 mandatory side bet. I estimate the house edge at the minimum bet is 8.95%. 

You are better off playing the triple zero roulette table in the same pit than this carnival blackjack game. Its house edge is lower and the game is slower.

$5 blackjack games on the Las Vegas Strip

Slots A Fun now deals the only $5 live blackjack game on the Las Vegas Strip. It pays 6/5, hits soft 17, and permits doubling down before and after splitting.

You can play $5 video or stadium blackjack. However, those games usually pay 6:5. An exception is Treasure Island. It has 3:2 stadium blackjack starting at $1 during the week. The minimum bet may go up to $3 on weekends. 

Oyo is just east of the Strip next to Tropicana. It has a $1 even money blackjack game. You will also find $5 6:5 tables there.

$3 blackjack in the Las Vegas locals market

Poker Palace has an unusual 3:2 blackjack game for $3. It uses six decks. Players may double down on two or three cards, before and after splitting. The $2 double-deck blackjack game that paid even money disappeared in 2024. The pit is open during late afternoon and evening hours. 

$5 blackjack in the Las Vegas locals market

Most of the $5 blackjack in Las Vegas is found at locals casinos. Most tables pay 3:2. There are a few that are under $5. 


There are three $5 blackjack games dealt at Cannery in North Las Vegas. Its single-deck game pays 6:5. The double-deck and six-deck tables pay 3:2. All Cannery blackjack games permit players to double down before and after splitting. These games were all $10 during a June 2024 visit. Vegas Advantage will remove Cannery from this list if it remains $10 on our next visit.

Ellis Island

There is one $5 3:2 blackjack table at Ellis Island. In addition to normal double down rules, players may re-split aces up to four hands. It is dealt out of a continuous shuffling machine. There are many $10 3:2 blackjack tables dealt out of a shoe at Ellis Island.

Jerry’s Nugget

There are two $5 blackjack games at Jerry’s Nugget in North Las Vegas. It is available in a double deck and a six-deck. Both pay 3:2 and have standard double down rules. 

M Resort

M Resort has a pit with $5 blackjack by the Raiders restaurant. Most of the tables have the Raiders logo on them. Blackjack pays 6:5. These tables are only open during peak hours.

Blackjack at M Resort
M Resort blackjack table


Skyline has $5 3:2 six-deck blackjack. It increase to $10 when it is busy. These tables are open Thursday through Monday nights. 

South Point

There is often a $5 six-deck blackjack game at South Point. It pays 3:2 and has standard double down rules.

How $5 and lower Las Vegas blackjack has changed since the pandemic

If I had written this article in February 2020, there would have been 38 casinos in the Las Vegas market that dealt 3:2 blackjack at $5 and below. Today, there are eight.

At that same time, there were four 3:2 blackjack games under $5. Today, Poker Palace’s $3 six-deck game is the only version of it left in the entire Las Vegas market. 

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