Complete Set of Coin Joker Poker Five of a Kinds and Royal Flushes

One of my hobbies is playing full pay Joker Poker. It started out on coin games at the Las Vegas Club. There were seven quarter and two half-dollar machines there. The games were moved to Plaza when Las Vegas Club closed. In the end, Plaza spread three quarter machines and a half-dollar one before the coin video poker machines were given away in an October promotion. I won the quarter machine that you will see in many of these pictures. 

While I have hit hundreds of five of a kinds on the games, it took me seven years to complete the set of all 13. The holdout for two years was aces, which I found odd as it should have been the easiest one to make. 

It took me 10 years to complete the natural royal flush set. This took a trip to El Cortez on a $1 not-so-ugly jokers machine to catch hearts, my 13th Joker Poker coin natural royal flush. All other images here were taken either at Las Vegas Club or Plaza. 

The oddest five of a kind hand was these sixes. For a few years, five of a kind was not a hand pay on quarter machines. It dropped 1,000 quarters. I held three sixes, caught the other two, and the hopper paid 666 coins before needing a fill to complete the payout.


Here is the rest of the complete set. I will start with the royal flushes. Note that the diamond one was dealt to me. The spade one was from a bare ace. 

Here are the other 12 five of a kind hands. The deuces and nines were caught on a complete redraw. I have never been dealt five of a kind on this game. 



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