MGM Grand poker room

The MGM Grand poker room reopened on July 3, 2020 after the COVID-19 closure. Its hours are 4pm to 4am Thursday through Monday. It is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There are 13 tables at the MGM Grand poker room. Most cash games are no limit Texas Hold’em. Daily tournaments are suspended. Tables seat up to eight players. There are plexiglass partitions.

MGM Grand poker room cash games

The only regular game is 1/2 no limit Texas Hold’em. Buy-ins are permitted from $100 to $300. You may find an occasional 1/3 no limit Hold’em game. It has a buy-in of $200 to $600. When 2/5 happens, it has a $400 minimum and no cap.

MGM Grand poker room tournaments

Poker tournaments are currently suspended at MGM Grand. There were five daily tournaments before the closure. The buy-in was $65 or $100, depending on the tournament. All were no limit Texas Hold’em.

MGM Grand poker promotions

There are several promotions at the MGM Grand poker room. There is a first four flush promotion where the first player to make a flush in all four suits and wins the hand by 9pm wins $100. Both hole cards must be used. Some promotions include hourly pay or high hands. There is a bad beat jackpot when a player loses aces full to four of a kind or better. The losing hand wins $599. The other players at the table each receive $299.

Players clocked in with an MLife card receive $1 per hour. Poker rates are available at the hotel. A $1 jackpot drop is taken from cash games to fund MGM Grand poker promotions.


The MGM Grand poker room is between a sportsbook and bar. It has 13 tables that are spacious. The chairs are among the most comfortable in town at a poker table. Many dealers and floor people have years in the business. This helps create a professional poker playing environment. It is far enough away from the casino floor that noise and smoke are generally not an issue.

MGM Grand poker room rake

MGM Grand rakes 10% up to $4. It caps at $3 for games of four or less. There is also a $1 promotional drop.

MGM Grand poker room FAQ

Is the MGM Grand poker room 24 hours a day?

No. It opens at 4pm Thursday through Monday. It closes at 4am on these days. It is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

What cash games are spread at the MGM Grand poker room?

The main cash game at MGM Grand is 1/2 no limit Hold’em. You may find larger no limit games during busier hours.

How many seats are at MGM Grand poker tables?

There are eight seats with partitions in compliance with Nevada gaming regulations.

Are there any poker tournaments at MGM Grand?

Poker tournaments are currently suspended. In the past, MGM Grand’s poker room dealt five no limit Hold’em tournaments daily.

What is the hourly comp rate at the MGM Grand poker room?

Players clocked in with an MLife card at a cash game receive $1 an hour in comps.