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While most of the town’s sportsbook handle comes from the Strip, there are still a few operators thriving in the Las Vegas locals market. There is no better example of this than Station Casinos. The company opened its first casino in 1976 and now runs 10 off-strip properties throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

STN Sports website

Each casino has its own unique features, but Station has opted for a cookie-cutter approach with their sportsbooks, with most of their locations looking nearly identical in size and layout. This is no issue for Vegas residents, who enjoy the spacious setting Station Casinos books provide and often flock to the nearest property to gamble or take in a game.  The company’s sportsbooks are a favorite among locals. These properties are spread throughout the Las Vegas area

STN Sports betting menu

Station properties have wagering on professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, MMA, UFC, NASCAR, along with college football, basketball, and baseball. Prop bets are offered on selected events and offer in-play wagering on a daily basis using software from in-play provider SportRadar. While the limits are not high and software functionality is far from perfect, there are more in-play options at Station than you’ll see with most operators in town.

Attempting to cater to a locals market often leads to a more conservative bookmaking approach, meaning Stations is rarely at the forefront of creating new or unique markets. The overall size of their menu and hold on future markets is slightly worse than the average operator.

Station Casinos makes up for it with one of the most generous comp programs when compared to other sportsbooks in Las Vegas. For every $1,000 a customer bets, they receive $1 in comps that can go towards gambling, dining, or other entertainment. Points are earned on the app and at the counter. Players that wager at least $50 receive drink tickets. 

STN Sports contests

There are currently three different contests that Station runs during football season. The most popular contest – known as Last Man Standing – is available for both pro and college football. It has a $25 entry fee (customers can buy five entries for $100) and requires participants to pick one game against the spread each week. The last person to remain unblemished wins the entire pot, which is $150,000 guaranteed for the pro contest and $100,000 guaranteed for the college contest.

Boarding Pass cardholders are also eligible to enter the $1 Million Pick & Play, a free contest where participants pick the winners of NFL games each week and could win $50,000 in free slot play weekly or $200,000 in free slot play for the year.

Station Casinos also runs a parlay card promotion called The Million Dollar Parlay Card, which has a $5 entry fee. Participants can win $100,000 if they’re able to go 15/15 on the card, or can win $1 million if they go 20/20 on the card.

STN Sports betting limits

Player limits can widely vary based on the event and the player. With more of a focus on recreational action from locals, Station Casinos is not looking to cater to sharper play. For house players and those not considered to have an edge, the limits are generous. Mobile app limits are often more favorable than some of its competitors.

STN Sports mobile betting app

Station uses Nevada-based Stadium Technology and Miomni Sports to run their mobile app. You can sign up at any sportsbook location, where you must fill out a W9 and will need a valid ID card and a Boarding Pass from the casino. One alternative to funding the app in person is the PayNearMe option, which allows you to deposit at a nearby CVS or 7 Eleven.

STN Sports currently has a sign-up bonus on its mobile betting app. Customers receive 10% of their initial deposit as a bonus. It is paid as Boarding Pass points. The maximum bonus is $50. 

Station Casinos sportsbook atmosphere 

Each of its locations is larger in square footage than the average Vegas sportsbook, but Station has no problem filling up and creating a lively atmosphere on weekends and during marquee events. Red Rock and Green Valley Ranch are arguably the nicest and most popular properties, and the Palace Station book underwent a recent renovation with TV and seating upgrades.

Sunset Station, Boulder Station, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station, Fiesta Henderson and Fiesta Rancho are the other properties spread across the valley. Palms, Texas Station, Fiesta Henderson and Fiesta Rancho remain closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

STN Sports parlay and teaser odds

Station properties offer parlays on most straight bets and futures, with certain exceptions for markets that are correlated. They allow teaser bets for pro and college football and basketball, and have parlay cards, teaser cards, reverse teaser cards, and progressive cards available for pro and college football.

Here are the teaser and parlay odds pay tables, per the Station Casinos sportsbook house rules:

Pro Football Teaser Odds 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams 4/5 5/7 2/3
3 teams 3/2 13/10 11/10
4 teams 5/2 2/1 9/5
5 teams 4/1 7/2 3/1
6 teams 11/2 5/1 9/2
7 teams 8/1 7/1 6/1
8 teams 10/1 9/1 8/1


NCAA Football Teaser Odds 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams EVEN 10/11 5/6
3 teams 9/5 8/5 7/5
4 teams 3/1 5/2 2/1
5 teams 9/2 4/1 7/2
6 teams 7/1 6/1 5/1
7 teams 10/1 8/1 7/1
8 teams 12/1 10/1 9/1


Mixed Sport Teaser Odds 6/5 points 6.5/5.5 points 7/6 points
2 teams 10/13 10/14 10/15
3 teams 3/2 13/10 11/10
4 teams 2/1 9/5 3/2
5 teams 7/2 3/1 5/2
6 teams 5/1 4/1 3/1
7 teams 8/1 7/1 6/1
8 teams 10/1 9/1 8/1


Basketball Teaser Odds 4 points 4.5 points 5 points 5.5 points 6 points
2 teams EVEN 20/21 10/11 5/6 10/13
3 teams 9/5 8/5 3/2 13/10 11/10
4 teams 3/1 5/2 2/1 9/5 3/2
5 teams 9/2 4/1 7/2 3/1 5/2
6 teams 7/1 6/1 5/1 4/1 3/1
7 teams 9/1 8/1 7/1 6/1 5/1
8 teams 12/1 10/1 9/1 8/1 7/1


Football Special Teaser 10 points
3 teams (NCAA only) 5/6


Off the Board Parlay Payout
2 teams 13/5
3 teams 6/1
4 teams 11/1
5 teams 22/1
6 teams 40/1
7 teams 80/1
8 teams 150/1