South Point Poker Room Review 2023

South Point poker

South Point is a locals casino on Las Vegas Blvd south of the Strip. It is one of the largest poker rooms in town. South Point hosts 30 poker tables in its newly remodeled room. It is open 24 hours a day.

The poker room at South Point offers mostly no limit Texas Hold’em. You will also find some fixed limit Hold’em action here. Pot limit Omaha and mixed games run on occasion.

There is a large tournament schedule at the South Point poker room. All multi-table tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool. South Point seats nine players per table. Our review includes all the details.

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South Point poker cash games

There are always cash games running at the 24-hour South Point poker room. Like most Las Vegas casinos, no limit Hold’em is the game of choice. The typical limits are 1/2, 2/3 and 3/5. Minimum buy-ins are 100 times the small blind.

The most popular fixed limit is 4/8, though you may find a 3/6 or 6/12 game. A pot limit Omaha, mixed or stud game may pop up when there are enough players. A 4/8 limit Omaha hi/lo game has become more common at the South Point poker room.

South Point poker tournaments

There are four daily poker tournaments at South Point. All are no limit Texas Hold’em except for an Omaha hi/lo event twice a week. Each has a guaranteed prize pool.

Here is the South Point poker tournament schedule. Some events are suspended during the summer tournament series.

  • 10am and 10pm Monday through Friday: $60 no-limit Texas hold’em with a $4000 guarantee.
  • 10am and 10pm Saturday and Sunday: $100 no-limit hold’em with a $7500 guarantee.
  • 2pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: $60 no-limit Texas hold’em tournament with a $1,500 guarantee.
  • 2pm on Tuesday: $60 fixed limit Omaha hi/lo with $4000 guaranteed.
  • 2pm on Thursday: $60 fixed limit half Omaha hi/lo and seven card stud hi/lo with $5,000 guaranteed.
  • 2pm on Saturday and Sunday: $100 no-limit Texas hold’em tournament with $4,000 guaranteed.
  • 6pm on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday: $150 no limit Texas hold’em tournament with $15,000 guaranteed.
  • 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: $100 no limit Texas hold’em deep stack with a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool.
  • 6pm on Friday: $150 no limit hold’em bounty tournament with a guaranteed $5,000 prize pool.

South Point poker promotions

There are many promotions at South Point. There are hourly freerolls, bad beat jackpots, hot seat and high hand promotions. Texas hold’em and Omaha have separate promotional pools and different ways to win. Players that give an average of four hours of cash game action in a day receive a discounted hotel rate. There are often promotions tied to seasonal sports and holidays.

South Point offers Big Money games where during select games you can win up to $400 off different outcomes in the game. A random seat will be selected during games. A Countdown to Kickoff is also offered Monday and Thursday, where random seat drawings will take place before kickoff, giving different totals of money.

A $2 jackpot drop is used to fund these promotions. The first dollar is dropped at $10. The second is taken at $50.


The poker room at South Point was remodeled in 2020. It expanded to 30 tables and offers new seating that adds to the player’s comfort. The crowd is mostly locals with a few tourists visiting. The massive race and sports book is just a few steps away from the poker room. The dealers and floor people are experienced and help ensure the games run efficiently.

South Point poker rake

The rake at the South Point poker room is $1 each at $10, $30 and $50. There is also a promotional drop of up to $2. The first dollar is taken at $10. The second is dropped at $50. Omaha games rake $1 every $20, up to $4.

South Point poker FAQ

Is the South Point poker room open 24 hours a day?

Yes. There is always a game there.

What poker games are spread at South Point?

The main game is no-limit Texas Hold’em. Players will usually find fixed limit Hold’em. Pot limit Omaha and mixed games are available when demand exists.

How many seats are at South Point poker tables?

Each table seats up to nine players. 

Does the South Point poker room spread tournaments?

Yes. There are four daily tournaments.

Are there any Omaha tournaments at South Point?

Yes. There is a $60 Omaha hi/lo tournament on Tuesday and a $60 half Omaha hi/lo half seven card stud hi/lo on Thursday at 2pm.

Last Updated on September 2, 2023 by John Mehaffey