Las Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Survey

Las Vegas lost one of its two remaining 3:2 single deck blackjack games in 2020, which was at Silverton. It allowed a double-down on 10 and 11 only. That game was downgraded to a 6:5 payout.

Many Las Vegas casinos have removed single-deck blackjack tables over the years. That is because most paid 6:5 (instead of 3:2) on blackjack, and casino management determined that players would still give action at 6:5 games with more decks. This makes dealing single-deck less attractive with its lower house edge and slower game when compared to six- and eight-deck tables.

We collected the following information in March 2022. The minimum bets shown are what we predict the lowest you will find, often in mornings and afternoons. Expect higher minimums during busy times. 

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Best single-deck blackjack in Las Vegas

The loss of the Silverton 3:2 single-deck blackjack game leaves El Cortez as the last one in the entire Las Vegas market. This game allows players to double down before but not after splitting. Blackjack pays 3:2. The dealer hits soft 17. The minimum bet is typically $10.

This game has a house edge of about 0.3%. It is by far the best single-deck blackjack game in Las Vegas. 

All other Las Vegas single-deck blackjack games pay 6:5

There are 11 Las Vegas casinos besides El Cortez that deal single-deck blackjack. These casinos pay 6:5 on blackjack. Most allow doubling down before and after splitting. Each hits soft 17. The minimum bet for each game is found below:

$5 minimum
  • Cannery
  • Santa Fe Station
$10 minimum
  • Boulder Station
  • El Cortez (pays 3:2)
  • Silverton
  • Sunset Station
$15 minimum
  • Circa
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Palace Station
  • Treasure Island
  • Westgate

Las Vegas single-deck Super Fun 21

There was one blackjack variant that was dealt single-deck in Las Vegas. This was Super Fun 21. It was dealt at Cannery in North Las Vegas for $5. This game was lost in 2021. You can read more about it in our Las Vegas Blackjack Variant Graveyard.

Super Fun 21 has some unusual rules. The most important is that blackjack pays even money unless it is suited to diamonds, which then pays 2:1. Blackjack always wins, even on a push. The dealer hits soft 17. The game also offers a double-down before and after splitting, re-splitting aces, surrender at any time including after a double-down, a five-card Charlie on hands of 20 or less, and a six-card Charlie that pays 2:1 on 21.

Super Fun 21 dealt with one deck has a lower house edge than a standard 6:5 single deck game. With perfect play, the house edge is about 1.16%. A standard single-deck 6:5 game has a house edge of around 1.5%. A double-deck version of Super Fun 21 can be found at Sam’s Town.

Las Vegas single deck blackjack FAQ

Are there any casinos in Las Vegas that deal 3:2 single-deck blackjack?

Yes. El Cortez deals it with a $10 minimum bet.

What are El Cortez’s single-deck blackjack rules?

The El Cortez single-deck blackjack game pays 3:2. Players may double down on any two cards before but not after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17.

Are there any single-deck blackjack variants in Las Vegas?

No. Single-deck Super Fun 21 was last dealt at Cannery in 2021. 

Last updated: July 3, 2022