Las Vegas Blackjack Survey 2023

We moved to Las Vegas in 2010. Within a few months, we built a database of all the blackjack games on the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas. We expanded to larger locals casinos over the years. By 2018, we had every Las Vegas table game in our database from Railroad Pass to Santa Fe Station, and from M Resort all the way north to Aliante Casino.

This experience over the years has helped us create perfect routes for covering areas. Kristina accompanies me on most of the visits. She takes pictures for future Vegas Advantage projects, helps me organize and present the data, and collects electronic table game information. 

Blackjack at Cosmopolitan

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Early access to Vegas Advantage's Table Game Survey with monthly updates as we revisit casinos
Early access to Vegas Advantage’s Table Game Survey with monthly updates as we revisit casinos

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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How our data is gathered

When I enter a casino, my first thought is to identify what has changed from my last visit. This includes if a pit game is gone, if one moved, or if there are any new or missing games.

If I find something of note, I check it out first. If I don’t, I walk around and watch the action without disturbing anyone. Once I have done this, I will find a dealer at an idle table and ask about the blackjack rules, which can change over time. If I hear about something new, I will ask a second person. 

Some casinos put the rules on signs on or near the tables. The rules are often uniform throughout an entire company’s Las Vegas casino portfolio. The only changes may be how high-limit blackjack works.

I repeat the process for each of the 71 casinos we survey for the Las Vegas blackjack market.  Once I have collected the table game data, Kristina enters it into our databases. She is a spreadsheet expert and enjoys working with and presenting the data. Once she finishes, I write the accompanying content.

Several table game supervisors help ensure our data is accurate at their casino. We also receive updates from players, and we look into changes whenever we receive word about something new. We would like to thank everyone who helps us keep this current and accurate. 

We first published the Las Vegas Blackjack Survey at Vegas Advantage in January 2021. It is the only collection of updated information. If you see another site claiming to have this information, it is either work we did for other websites years ago or it was copied from us. We are not aware of anybody else who does this work.

Some of our old partners use the dated information and just change the date. Don’t be fooled by this. The most recent data on these sites is from December 2019. The pandemic made those blackjack surveys obsolete. This page was last updated in August 2023.

Las Vegas blackjack by neighborhood

This section breaks down Las Vegas’s blackjack games by geographic location. The Strip itself is broken into three parts: north, central, and south. We also have downtown Las Vegas listings, as well as the locals market blackjack offerings, which are separated into their own sections. 

North Las Vegas Strip blackjack

The north part of the Las Vegas Strip runs from Treasure Island and Venetian north to Sahara and Strat (the Stratosphere). There are several great options for low-limit 3:2 blackjack in this area. There are also good high-limit games. This is where you will find the cheapest blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip.

Central Las Vegas Strip blackjack

The central part of the Las Vegas Strip starts at Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood and runs to Harrah’s and Mirage. Nearly all of the low-limit blackjack in this area is 6:5. High-limit games in this area are among the best that Las Vegas offers.

South Las Vegas Strip blackjack

The south end of the Las Vegas Strip includes everything from Mandalay Bay up to Aria on both sides of the Strip. It takes $25 or $50 a hand to sit in a 3:2 blackjack game in this area at most times. Lower-limit games are generally 6:5 ones. Some high-limit salons in this area stand on all 17s, including at double-deck blackjack tables.

Downtown Las Vegas blackjack

This section covers the area on and around the Fremont Street Experience. You will find 3:2 blackjack games as low as $5 in this section. There is also a stand on soft 17 blackjack game on Fremont Street. It is at the Circa casino on the former Las Vegas Club parcel. You will also find the worst Las Vegas blackjack games in the Fremont Street Experience area. Our downtown Las Vegas blackjack guide helps you avoid those.

Off-Strip blackjack

This section includes 12 casinos that are near the Las Vegas Strip but not on it. These casinos include the M Resort on far-south Las Vegas Blvd, to Orleans west of the Strip, and Ellis Island to the east. There are many great low-limit games in this section. Blackjack with a 3:2 payout has a $5 or $10 minimum at some of these casinos.

Blackjack at Las Vegas locals casinos

Many locals casinos deal 3:2 blackjack games, sometimes as low as $3. The types of casinos in this list range from small classic locals casinos to major resorts. The gambling at these casinos tends to be better in terms of odds and payouts for players than in any other part of the Las Vegas gaming market.

Las Vegas blackjack by number of decks

This section shows where to find a specific blackjack game by the number of decks in the game. This includes single-deck blackjack, double-deck blackjack and six- or eight-deck shoes. We also have a section listing all blackjack variants dealt in Las Vegas, and another one with blackjack variants that have left the market in the last decade.

Online blackjack

The newest section of Vegas Advantage covers online casinos. All casino sites offer blackjack. Most permit online blackjack to be played while clearing a bonus. This can make blackjack return almost 100% to players.

Online blackjack rules tend to be looser than games found in Las Vegas. The dealer usually stands on soft 17. Blackjack pays 3:2 at most games. Players may double down before and after splitting. Surrender is offered by some online casinos.

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