Central Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Survey

This page covers blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip from Aria and Planet Hollywood north to Mirage and Harrah’s. The minimum bet for a 3:2 blackjack game in this part of the Strip is usually $25, even during slower hours. Assume that a casino’s game hits on soft 17 unless otherwise noted.

All casinos in this area have a high-limit room, except for Linq. The one at Bally’s reopened in 2021. 

Update: Our Las Vegas Blackjack and Table Game Survey work was plagiarized repeatedly. Fremont Street Experience was among the plagiarists. 

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All blackjack games in the Bally’s pit now pay 6:5 and start at $10 minimum. The high limit tables returned. There is a $50 blackjack game there that pays 3:2. It hits soft 17 and permits surrender. 


Bellagio downgraded the stand-on-all-17 pit by the craps tables in 2020. Players must go to high limits to find these tables now. 

There are $10 6:5 eight-deck and Free Bet Blackjack tables near the front desk and past the craps tables. The former stand-on-all-17 tables now hit on soft 17. Those 3:2 games start at $25. Players may double down before and after splitting, may surrender, and may split aces into four hands. A $100 game uses these rules and stands on all 17’s. There is a double-deck blackjack game that stands on all 17’s. Doubling down before and after splitting is permitted.

Caesars Palace

There was a big change in the 6:5 games at Caesars Palace. These tables now allow a double-down on any two cards, as opposed to only on 10 and 11 or after splitting earlier. That game starts at $15, as does 6:5 Free Bet Blackjack. Players will likely find $25 3:2 blackjack with double-down and surrender under the dome. 

There are two blackjack games in the Caesars Palace high-limit pit. The double-deck game allows doubling down before and after splitting. That game also hits soft 17. A six-deck game has the same double-down rules, plus surrender and re-splitting aces. 

Note the differences in the Caesars Palace high-limit salon and other properties within the same company. The double-down after splitting in the double-deck game, and re-splitting aces in the six-deck game, are both unique to Caesars Palace. No other Caesars Entertainment property in Las Vegas offers the same at any similar table.


Blackjack starts at $15 at Cosmopolitan, and that is a 6:5 double-deck game. An eight-deck version is $25 and is typically open during busier hours. For a $25 minimum, there is eight-deck 3:2 blackjack. It has standard double-down rules with surrender and re-split aces. A $100 version of this game is in high-limit. It stands on all 17’s.


We only found one 3:2 blackjack table on the floor at Cromwell during a March 2021 visit. It was an eight-deck game with surrender and standard double-down rules that hit soft 17. All other tables on the floor now pay 6:5.

There is also $10 6:5 Free Bet Blackjack and $15 6:5 double-deck. The high-limit game is $100 minimum; it uses six decks, stands on all 17’s, and offers surrender, plus doubling down before and after splitting.


Blackjack starts at $15 at Flamingo. That gets you a seat at 6:5 Free Bet and standard 6:5 eight-deck games. The 3:2 games require at least $25. This game deals eight decks with a double-down before and after splitting, plus the surrender option.

The Flamingo high-limit blackjack games are $100. One is a double deck with double down before but not after splitting. The other has six decks with surrender and normal double down rules. The six-deck game stands on soft 17. All other Flamingo blackjack games hit soft 17. 

Margaritaville is a part of Flamingo. All its blackjack tables pay 6:5, and one can choose $10 eight-deck or $15 Free Bet Blackjack. 


The blackjack at Harrah’s is identical to Flamingo. The 6:5 games are typically $15, while 3:2 is $25. At high limits, with a $100 minimum, the dealer stands on 17 with a six-deck shoe and hits soft 17 at all other games. 


Linq deals $10 6:5 Free Bet and eight-deck blackjack. For $25, players get 3:2 games. This is an eight-deck game with a double-down before and after splitting, along with surrender. There are no high-limit tables at Linq.

O’Sheas is a part of Linq. It has $15 6:5 Free Bet and 6:5 eight-deck blackjack. 


Mirage has has $10 and $15 6:5 games. The options here are Free Bet and eight-deck, with those tables by the cage. For $25, there is a six-deck 3:2 game with normal double down rules, surrender and re-split aces. 

The $100 stand on all 17’s game is in high limit. This game uses six decks. It also offers a double-down before and after splitting, surrendering, and re-splitting aces. It stands on soft 17. Mirage no longer deals a double-deck game either on its floor or in its salon. 


Paris downgraded most of its blackjack on the floor to 6:5. The options are double-deck, eight-deck or Free Bet Blackjack. There may be a $25 3:2 game with surrender dealt out of a continuous shuffling machine. 

There is a $100, stand-on-all-17, high-limit game at Paris. It uses six decks. Players may double down before and after splitting. Surrender is available.

Planet Hollywood

There are two $10 games at Planet Hollywood. One is Quick Pay 21, and the other is an eight-deck 6:5 game. For $50, there is 3:2 eight-deck blackjack with doubling down before and after splitting, plus surrender. The 3:2 double deck returned to the floor. It is also $50 and has double down before but not after splitting. These tables are in front of the high limit salon. 

The high-limit salon offers two $100 blackjack games. The double-deck game allows doubling down before but not after splitting. It hits on soft 17. The six-deck game stands on all 17’s. This game has standard double-down rules and surrender.

Last update: June 26, 2021