Westgate SuperBook 

The Westgate Resort & Casino has rebranded multiple times under different ownership groups in the last decade, changing its name from the Las Vegas Hilton to LVH Hotel in 2012 and again to the Westgate in 2014. One constant through the changes has been its impressive sportsbook operation, which has gained significant popularity under director Jay Kornegay and oddsmakers Ed Salmons and Jeff Sherman.

Westgate sportsbook website

Thanks to a 30,000 square foot sportsbook that has been dubbed “The Superbook,” the Westgate rarely sees a shortage of customers. The massive book space, along with an extensive betting and contest menu, gives Westgate a sportsbook product that makes other operators envious.

Westgate sports betting menu

Westgate has wagering on professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, MMA, UFC, NASCAR, along with college football, basketball, and baseball. The SuperBook offers prop bets on selected events and will offer live wagering during commercial breaks on selected events.

Overall the betting menu is much larger than that of the average operator, as Westgate will get very creative in coming up with new markets that other shops might not be offering. From look-ahead lines, to games of the year, to unique props and futures, the SuperBook is always looking for a way to generate more interest and betting handle.

While rates vary from player to player, the Westgate is among the most generous in town with their sportsbook comps, providing the average customer with $1 in comps for every $250 wagered.

Westgate SuperContests

There are a number of different contests you can enter at Westgate. The most popular – which has started to gain national recognition in recent years – is the NFL SuperContest. It has a $1,500 entry fee and requires participants to pick five NFL games against the spread each week. The top 100 finishers receive cash prizes with first place paying out over a million dollars.

There is also the SuperContest Gold, which has a $5,000 entry fee and a winner-take-all payout. Three smaller contests are the Hoops Central Showdown, a $100 contest where participants pick the first round NCAA tournament games against the spread; the Baseball Season Wins Challenge, a $200 contest where participants pick all 30 MLB teams over or under their win total; and the Major Golf Challenge, a $100 contest where participants choose from 30 Masters prop bets. The “Beat the Spread Challenge” is a free NCAA Tournament contest available to VSIN subscribers only, with a first prize of $10,000.

Westgate sports betting limits

Westgate is one of the few operators that will allow a fair bet to all customers regardless of skill level. Its  tolerance for winning bettors is much higher than that of conservative books, and most of the time the limits are higher than you will find elsewhere. Some sharp players do have their limits cut on occasion, but as a whole, Westgate is not looking to discourage action and will do everything they can to accommodate customers. It is a reliable option for Las Vegas sports betting

Westgate mobile sports betting app

Westgate uses NV-based Stadium Technology for their mobile app. You must visit the sportsbook to sign up, where you must fill out a W9 and will need a valid driver’s license and player’s card from the casino. Currently there are no alternative ways to fund your account through the app. Westgate is not offering any sign-up bonuses for new mobile accounts.

Westgate sportsbook atmosphere 

With standing room only crowds nearly every weekend, Westgate has arguably the best sportsbook atmosphere in Vegas. Customers can either grab a seat and watch games from the gigantic video wall, reserve a VIP booth or pod, or reserve the man cave for a private party. The SuperBook provides a viewing experience few others can match.

Westgate parlay and teaser odds

Westgate offers parlays on most straight bets and futures, with certain exceptions for markets that are correlated. They allow teaser bets for pro and college football and basketball, and have parlay cards, teaser cards, and reverse teaser cards available for pro and college football.

Here are the teaser and parlay odds tables, per the Westgate house rules:

Pro Football Teaser Odds 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams 5/7 2/3 5/8
3 teams 3/2 7/5 11/10
4 teams 12/5 9/5 8/5
5 teams 4/1 7/2 3/1
6 teams 6/1 5/1 9/2


NCAA Football Teaser Odds 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams EVEN 10/11 5/6
3 teams 9/5 8/5 3/2
4 teams 3/1 5/2 2/1
5 teams 9/2 4/1 7/2
6 teams 7/1 6/1 5/1


Basketball Teaser Odds 5 points 5.5 points 6 points
2 teams 10/11 5/6 10/13
3 teams 3/2 13/10 11/10
4 teams 2/1 9/5 3/2
5 teams 7/2 3/1 5/2
6 teams 5/1 4/1 3/1


Off the Board Parlay Payout
2 teams 13/5
3 teams 6/1
4 teams 11/1
5 teams 22/1
6 teams 40/1
7 teams 75/1
8 teams 140/1