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A staple of Fremont Street since it opened in 1946, the Golden Nugget is one of the few casinos in Las Vegas that chooses to run an independent sportsbook operation. Longtime bookmaker Tony Miller heads the staff and has helped the Golden Nugget maintain relevance in the sports betting scene over the past decade as most of the action has moved to Las Vegas Strip sportsbooks.

Golden Nugget sportsbook website

Based on square footage alone, you could make the argument that the Nugget is the smallest operation in Vegas – which certainly creates some limitations when it comes to limits and the betting menu. But with unique offerings and one of the best football contests around, this is still a shop worth visiting.

Golden Nugget sports betting menu

Golden Nugget has wagering on professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, MMA, UFC, NASCAR, along with college football, basketball, and baseball. They offer prop bets on selected events and have a live betting menu available for major events only. As a small operator, the Nugget does not have the staff to offer as large a menu as most, and usually tries to avoid taking much action on sharper betting markets. As it stands now, they are the only operator in town to use -115 juice on all halftime lines.

One of the Nugget’s biggest attractions is the college football Games of the Year release every summer, where they create point spreads for over 100 games in the upcoming college football season. More than a few professional bettors are known to make the trip to the desert each June to get down on the action.

Sportsbook at Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget football contest

While most operators offer contests that are specific to pro or college football, the Nugget’s Ultimate Football Challenge allows participants to choose from a list of both. It has a $1,000 entry fee and requires seven picks against the spread each week. There is a 3% rake and the remaining prize money is paid out to the top ten finishers.

Golden Nugget sports betting limits

Given their conservative bookmaking approach and smaller customer base, the Nugget is not known for offering generous limits to their players. Customers playing on the app will likely be held to some of the lowest limits around town, and as mentioned above, will have to pay extra juice on certain markets. House players might be an exception but it is rare to hear of a big bet being placed at the Nugget.

Golden Nugget Sports Betting App

This information is for historical purposes only. Golden Nugget dropped its Nevada sports betting app in April 2023.

Golden Nugget uses Nevada-based Stadium Technology to run their app. You can sign up at the sportsbook, where you must fill out a W9 and will need a valid driver’s license and a player’s card from the casino. Currently there are no alternative ways to fund your account through the app. The Golden Nugget sports betting app does not offer any sign-up bonuses for new mobile accounts.


Seating is somewhat limited and the cozy setting can make things hectic on a busy day, but the Nugget’s book provides a better viewing experience than most of Fremont Street and a unique atmosphere and ambiance that you cannot find on the Strip. Stop by on any busy weekend and you will likely see a packed house and energetic atmosphere.

On slower nights, it is perfect for viewing a game. There is a snack bar steps away from the Golden Nugget sportsbook. Cocktail service is provided to sportsbook guests, a rare feature in downtown Las Vegas

Parlay and Teaser Odds

Golden Nugget offers parlays on most straight bets and futures, with certain exceptions for markets that are correlated. They allow teaser bets for pro and college football and basketball, and have parlay cards, teaser cards, and reverse teaser cards available for pro and college football.

Pro Football Teaser Odds6 points6.5 points7 points
2 teams10/142/310/16
3 teams8/57/56/5
4 teams12/52/18/5
5 teams4/17/23/1
6 teams6/15/19/2
7 teams8/17/16/1
8 teams10/19/18/1
NCAA Football Teaser Odds6 points6.5 points7 points
2 teams10/115/610/13
3 teams9/58/56/5
4 teams14/55/29/5
5 teams9/24/17/2
6 teams7/16/15/1
7 teams9/18/17/1
8 teams12/110/19/1
Basketball Teaser Odds4 points5 points6 points
2 teams10/115/610/13
3 teams9/53/211/10
4 teams13/52/13/2
5 teams4/17/25/2
6 teams13/25/116/5
7 teams9/17/19/2
8 teams12/19/16/1
Off the Board ParlayPayout
2 teams13/5
3 teams6/1
4 teams11/1
5 teams22/1
6 teams40/1
7 teams75/1

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