My name is John Mehaffey. I operate I have lived in Las Vegas since 2010. I have written thousands of pages of content related to the city and its tourism industry. Most of my content is gambling related. However, some pertains to the hospitality portion of the industry.

I freelanced for years. My work is spread out over dozens of sites because of it. I often cannot go back and edit the content as it becomes dated. It also makes it difficult to keep track of where my work is. Launching this site changes that.

This amount of content should help the site generate enough traffic to become a full-time job. That means there will eventually be advertising. The ads will be obvious, or it will be disclosed as such. For now, the site is ad-free.

About me

I am in my 40’s and happily married to my best friend, Kristina. My wife and I go to shows about once per week. They are typically comedy clubs, though we may venture off that genre from time-to-time. It depends on what special deals we can find.

I got my start in gaming as a prop player at online poker sites. One was the infamous Absolute Poker. I played online poker, often for a living, from 2001 to 2005. I played home games before that, supplementing that income with a restaurant job. Propping burned me out and it was time for me to do something other than play poker.

I created a site that worked as a directory for an online poker promotion known as rakeback in 2004. I sold that site in 2006 and moved my family from Atlanta to Rapid City, SD to work for a similar company. We moved to Las Vegas in 2010.

My favorite games

My favorite game is full-pay video poker. I find 100% games and play them as a hobby. My favorite table game is Ultimate Texas Hold’em. I would rather play it in video form. However, it’s been a couple of years since there was one in Las Vegas. I may be best known for compiling blackjack data in Las Vegas. I rarely play it though.

I play live poker a time or two a year. I do not play on the internet anymore because Nevada online poker is a trainwreck. That made me move on to ventures like this.

Vegas Advantage sister sites

I plan on making a family of sites with the advantage branding. Our first addition was Deadwood Advantage. It covers all the gaming, hotels and attractions in Deadwood, South Dakota. The third site is Colorado Advantage. It covers gaming in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek.