Reasons to Visit Tropicana Las Vegas One Last Time

Side entrance to Tropicana

The Tropicana in Las Vegas may be near the end of its existence, at least in its current form. The Oakland A’s are trying to secure financing for a new stadium on the property. If that occurs, Tropicana would be demolished, with a new resort built in its place that includes a Major League Baseball Stadium.

Tropicana is on an island surrounded by casinos operated by MGM Resorts. The lack of foot traffic and relationship with large casino brands probably hurt it. However, it offers some of the best value on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.

You can often play $25 3/2 double-deck blackjack

Tropicana deals a 3/2 double-deck blackjack game for $25. This may seem like a small deal, but the closest game with the same or lower limits on the Strip is at Treasure Island. That is just as close as The Orleans to Tropicana, which, like Treasure Island, deals $15 double-deck blackjack with a 3/2 payout. You need at least $100 to play double-deck blackjack at an MGM Resorts casino in the area. 

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Fortune is the only pai gow poker game

Face Up Pai Gow Poker now dominates Las Vegas. Some casinos with Face Up also have a table or two of Fortune Pai Gow Poker, but these seem to only open upon request. At Tropicana, Fortune Pai Gow Poker is the only version of the game. No other Las Vegas Strip casino can say that. 

Paris is the closest Las Vegas Strip casino to Tropicana which has a Fortune Pai Gow Poker table. I don’t see it open often. Face Up Pai Gow Poker usually opens first. 

Tropicana deals Heads Up Hold’em

Heads Up Hold’em is a variant of Ultimate Texas Hold’em. The variance is lower at Heads Up Hold’em because the player can only raise three times the ante preflop. In exchange for this, there is a bad beat when the player loses a straight or better. You can read more about how to play Heads Up Hold’em on US Casino Advantage.

The Strat is the only other Las Vegas Strip casino with Heads Up Hold’em. While we include it in our Strip reports, it is considered to be a downtown casino for state gaming revenue reporting purposes. 

Best low limit bar video poker on the Strip

Tropicana’s bar has the best low limit video poker on the Strip. At quarter and half-dollar, the best games are 9/5 Double Double Bonus (97.87%) and 9/6/5 Double Bonus (97.81%). Casino Royale deals 7/5 Bonus Poker (98.01%) at these denominations. Otherwise, Tropicana is the best that we have found on the Strip for bar video poker at these limits. At $1, Tropicana wins.

There is 99% video poker at the $1, $5, and $10 denominations. Players will find 9/7 Double Bonus (99.11%), 9/6 Double Double Bonus (98.98%), and 15/9 Deuces Wild (98.91%). The percentages assume the player wagers five coins and uses the perfect strategy for the game. Some of these games are available in Triple Play, Five Play, and Ten Play versions.

$25 baccarat

There are $25 baccarat tables at Tropicana. This game usually has a $100 minimum bet on that part of the Strip. You may find it for $25 at Luxor when it is slow. However, Tropicana is the best bet for finding a baccarat game below $100 on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. 

$10 craps and no crapless craps

Tropicana has $10 craps during slow hours. You may find $10 craps at Luxor early in the morning, but Tropicana has it more often. I predict it is available for more hours at Tropicana than any Strip casino south of Treasure Island. Also, Tropicana is the only Las Vegas Strip casino south of Cosmopolitan that does not deal crapless craps.