16 Unique Finds in Our 2021 Las Vegas Survey Data

Every year, Kristina and I create dozens of spreadsheets filled with Las Vegas game data. This is what we use for our Las Vegas Blackjack and Las Vegas Table Game surveys

There are always unusual outliers in the data. This post covers 16 of these that we found in this year’s surveys.

Typically, when a company owns multiple properties, the game rules tend to be the same at all. There are some exceptions shown below. This list also includes oddities like low table game limits or spreading both great and terrible games at lower limits. 

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is different from all other Caesars Entertainment properties in multiple ways. The craps table pays triple on 12 on the field. It is double at all other Las Vegas Caesars Entertainment properties.

This is the only Las Vegas casino company that has different field payouts at one of its casinos. Before this year, Texas Station paid triple on 12 on the field while all other Station Casinos properties paid double. Texas Station is closed due to the pandemic. 

The two Caesars Palace high limit blackjack games have different rules from other Caesars casinos in town. The double deck permits double down after splitting. The six-deck game adds re-split aces. All other Las Vegas Caesars Entertainment casinos do not permit double down after splitting in double deck or re-split aces in any shoes.


Cromwell also varies from the standard Caesars Entertainment table game options. It has single zero roulette for $25 on the floor. Players will find 3:2 eight-deck tables for $10 and double deck ones for $15 during slow hours. A 3:2 game typically takes $25 at Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas, though you may also find the $10 game at Paris and Rio when it is slow.

Cromwell also has 100 times odds at craps, the highest in the Las Vegas market. All other Caesars casinos in Las Vegas have 3-4-5 times odds. 

MGM Resorts casinos without a 3:2 game in pits

Most MGM Resorts casinos in Las Vegas have a 3:2 blackjack game on the floor. The minimum bet is usually $25, though it can be $50 at Aria. Park MGM and Luxor are the exceptions. Both casinos require players to head to the high limit salon for a 3:2 blackjack table. These games start at $100.

Treasure Island versus Circus Circus

The owner of Treasure Island acquired Circus Circus in 2019. Circus Circus quickly removed triple zero roulette, but then it brought it back in 2020. It also made all blackjacks pay 6:5 in 2020. Circus Circus is the only Las Vegas Strip casino-hotel that pays 6:5 on all blackjacks. On the other hand, Treasure Island deals no triple zero roulette and has $10 3:2 blackjack that includes re-split aces and surrender. 

Poker Palace deals two table games at opposite ends of spectrum

Poker Palace in North Las Vegas has two table games. These are blackjack tables at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is a $1 double deck that pays even money on a blackjack. It made our Worst Las Vegas Blackjack article. The other game is a $3 six-deck. It made our Best Las Vegas Blackjack post. It allows players to double down on two or three cards before or after splitting.

$5 3:2 blackjack games with surrender and re-split aces

It is rare to find $5 3:2 blackjack tables with surrender and re-split aces. However, we found a few for this year’s Las Vegas Blackjack Survey. These tables are found at Cannery, Downtown Grand and Ellis Island. The Strat deals $5 3:2 blackjack with these rules during slower hours.

Table games below $5

There are still a few Las Vegas table games under $5 left. Most Big Wheel tables are. It also includes the two blackjack games described in the Poker Palace section above, as well as $1 even money blackjack games at Oyo and Downtown Grand. Jerry’s Nugget deals $3 3:2 blackjack. 

Other Las Vegas table games under $5


  • Club Fortune: $1
  • Jerry’s Nugget: $3

Double zero roulette

  • Jerry’s Nugget: $0.25
  • Cannery: $1
  • Club Fortune: $2
  • Railroad Pass: $2
  • Gold Coast: $3

Heads Up Hold’em

  • Jerry’s Nugget: $2

Wild 5 Poker

  • Cannery: $3

Craps but no roulette

Two Las Vegas casinos deal craps but do not offer roulette. The two casinos are Rampart and Silver Sevens. Rampart does not even have an electronic version of the game. Silver Sevens has video roulette in its pit. 

Roulette but no craps

Tuscany is the only Las Vegas casino that deals roulette but does not have live craps. There are some heads up craps machines by the pit. 

Casinos without a real 3:2 blackjack game

Binion’s, Circus Circus and Four Queens are the only three major casino properties that do not deal a traditional 3:2 blackjack game. You will see 3:2 blackjack signs at Binion’s and Four Queens. These tables are variants that require a $1 side bet to play.

Oddest (bad) blackjack rules

The Alamo Truck Stop across from Silverton has an unusually awful blackjack game. It is the only four-deck blackjack table in Las Vegas. It pays 6:5. Players may only double down on 10 and 11. Double down after splitting is not permitted. The dealer hits soft 17. Aces may not be re-split. There is no surrender. The house edge is around 2.28%. 

Harrah’s has three tables of a monopoly game

Harrah’s is the only Las Vegas casino that deals Deuces Joker Wild. When a casino is alone in dealing a table game, it usually only has one installation of it. Harrah’s now has three tables of DJ Wild. 

Plaza and Cromwell single zero roulette

Single zero roulette is typically found in high limit salons. It is rare to find it in the pits. Plaza has it for $10. Cromwell deals it for $25. All other Las Vegas casinos require at least $100 to play single zero roulette.

Venetian deals three proprietary games

Most casinos do not own any of the games that they deal. Venetian is an exception. It owns Blazing Bullseye, Prosperity 3 Pictures and Super Baccarat. All are currently on its casino floor. The last game is also dealt at Palazzo. All have a $10 minimum bet. 

Circa’s stand on all 17 blackjack game

In the decade of doing our Las Vegas Blackjack Survey, we had never found a blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas that stands on all 17’s. That changed this year. Circa opened in October with a six-deck stand on all 17 blackjack game in its high limit salon. The minimum bet is $100. 

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