Best Las Vegas Locals Casino: Red Rock or South Point?

Last week, I noted on Twitter that Red Rock Resort is my favorite locals casino. It combines good locals games with luxury that is not found anywhere else in the locals market. 

Any time I express that opinion, loyal South Point players make it clear that they disagree. I ran a poll as to which is the best locals casino, and it essentially ended in a tie.

There are positives about each. A tie seems reasonable.

What makes Red Rock Resort better than South Point

Red Rock has many amenities that are not available at South Point. The restaurants tend to be a step higher as a whole at Red Rock, though there are several competitive options at South Point.

Red Rock has 100% video poker machines. This includes 10/7 Double Bonus Poker, 15/8 Loose Deuces and 10/6 Double Double Bonus Poker. The denominations go up to $1 for these games. South Point does not have any 100% video poker games.

Craps odds at Red Rock are ten times, which ties it for the second highest Las Vegas craps odds. South Point only offers double craps odds, which ties it for last place.

Red Rock’s shoe blackjack game on the floor permits surrender. South Point’s blackjack does not.

The Red Rock high limit shoe blackjack game adds re-split aces to surrender. It also stands on soft 17. At South Point, aces may not be re-split at any blackjack table, and all games hit soft 17.

Red Rock is the only locals casino with European Roulette. That is single zero with extra bets and la partage, which returns half of an even money bet if zero is called.

Red Rock has a few more table game choices. Crazy 4 Poker, I Luv Suits and Mississippi stud are there, as of our last survey. South Point offers none of these games, and none that aren’t available at Red Rock. 

What makes South Point better than Red Rock

You can still play $5 3:2 blackjack at South Point. It may only be on a few tables, but it is there. You’ll usually need $15 to get a 3:2 blackjack game at Red Rock. The field pays triple on a 12 at South Point. It is double at Red Rock. 

You can play baccarat for $10 at South Point. It starts at $25 at Red Rock. South Point table limits will always be the same or lower than Red Rock. There are many more $5 tables there. 

While Red Rock has 100% video poker, South Point has a larger selection of 99% and better video poker. This includes the best bar video poker game in the Las Vegas market. That is Not-so-ugly-ducks (99.73%). It is available from quarter up to $2. The video poker variant pay tables, like for Ultimate X, Spin Poker and multi-hand games, are better at South Point. 

The South Point players club demolishes the one at Red Rock. The video poker points are earned six times faster at South Point. I get mailers from South Point off limited play. I tend to get nothing from my Red Rock action. 

South Point’s poker room edges out Red Rock’s poker room. That would have seemed impossible five years ago. It has come a long way. South Point deals four daily tournaments and has regular tournament series. Red Rock does not deal any poker tournaments.

The pictures below are a bit dated. Neither room has plexiglass at tables. These were required during the height of the pandemic.

South Point has a large selection of games, like Omaha and mixed ones. Red Rock mostly, or maybe entirely, deals Texas hold’em. I don’t play live poker these days, but I’d probably choose South Point because I know I will find more non-hold’em games there.

South Point reopened its buffet. It has been a huge hit with guests. Red Rock turned its buffet space into its new high limit salon.

The sportsbooks feel like a tie

I like the Red Rock sportsbook. It is spacious and the viewing is great. However, the operations of the South Point sportsbook seems to be better as it is an independent book with a reputation for taking larger bets. Since I don’t bet big on sports, this does not matter to me, but I know it matters to many. I would rather have the Red Rock sportsbook environment.

However, South Point wins with its hot dog cart. You can still buy one for just $1.50. Maybe that swings it just a little in South Point’s favor.

I am sure that I am missing something. Tweet @Vegas_Advantage with your opinion if you think we did. We may add your tweet to this article.