Expected Hourly Loss Rates While Playing Bad Casino Games

Video poker games can have different payouts from one machine to another, even within the same casino. For example, Double Bonus Poker may pay 8, 9 or 10 per coin on a full house, or 5, 6 or 7 on a flush. It is up to the casino to set the video poker payouts.

The same can be said of table games. Blackjack returns vary based on if a natural is paid 3:2 or 6:5. It can also differ on other rules, such as the dealer hitting or standing on soft 17, and whether there is double down after splitting or surrender. Roulette payouts get worse as zeros are added to the wheel.

The information below shows how much a player can expect to lose playing bad video poker and table games when compared to better rules. I used 600 hands per hour for video poker in the formula. Blackjack is computed at 70 hands an hour. Roulette is based on 50 spins per hour.

Blackjack hourly losses based on rules

Blackjack is the most popular table game. The rules of the game affect the house edge. Below is the difference in theoretical loss between 3:2 and 6:5 tables based on 70 hands per hour. The dollar amount shown implies the average bet during the hour.

3:2 versus 6:5 payout

The difference in house edge between a 3:2 and 6:5 game with the same rules is 1.39 percent. A player will receive about 3.5 blackjacks per hour at a table. Below is a list of the expected loss when playing at a 6:5 table as opposed to a 3:2 one. It equates to about one bet per hour.

  • $5: $4.87/hr
  • $10: $9.73/hr
  • $15: $14.60/hr
  • $25: $24.33/hr

Double zero roulette versus triple zero roulette

Triple zero roulette is spread at more than a dozen Las Vegas casinos. The house edge jumps from 5.26 percent to 7.69 percent when the additional zero is on the wheel, for a difference of 2.43 percent. The theoretical loss at a triple zero roulette game when compared to double zero is shown below:

  • $5: $6.08/hr
  • $10: $12.16/hr
  • $15: $18.23/hr
  • $25: $30.38/hr

Single zero roulette versus double zero

The house edge for single zero roulette is 2.7 percent, for a difference of 2.56 percent when compared to double zero roulette. The lowest limit for single zero roulette in Las Vegas is $25. The list below shows several limits and the effect on the player’s return.

  • $25: $32/hr
  • $50: $64/hr
  • $100: $128/hr

Video poker

Video poker payouts can differ substantially from one casino to another and from bank-to-bank within one. It is important to find the best pay table in a casino. VPFree2 is a great resource for this information.

The payout on a video poker game that does not have wild cards drops about one percent for each coin drop in the pay table for a flush or full house. Combining that with the quick rate of play of about 600 hands per hour, and you see how quickly that can add up.

Double Double Bonus

One of the most popular video poker games is Double Double Bonus. The best pay table for it in a casino is generally 9/6, meaning nine coins are won for each one bet on a full house and six for a flush. This returns 98.98 percent to players with perfect play and five coins wagered. The $1.25 represents the typical max bet on the quarter denomination. The $2.50 is half-dollar, while $5 is the $1 denomination.

Some casinos drop the payout to 9/5, 8/5, and in some cases, 7/5. This list below compares each of these payouts to 9/6 Double Double Bonus.

9/5 Double Double Bonus

  • $1.25 bet: $8.32/hr
  • $2.50: $16.65/hr
  • $5: $33.30/hr

8/5 Double Double Bonus

  • $1.25: $16.49/hr
  • $2.50: $32.85/hr
  • $5: $65.70/hr

7/5 Double Double Bonus

  • $1.25: $24.53/hr
  • $2.50: $49.05/hr
  • $5: $98.10/hr

Double Bonus Poker

The best pay table for Double Bonus Poker is often 9/7/5. This means a full house pays nine coins for each one wagered, while a flush pays seven and a straight returns five. This game returns 99.11 percent with five coins bet and perfect play. Some casinos drop these returns to 9/6/5, 9/6/4, 9/5/4, and in come cases, 8/5/4. The list below shows the expected loss when playing one of these pay tables as opposed to the 9/7/5 version.

9/6/5 Double Bonus

  • $1.25: $9.75/hr
  • $2.50: $19.50/hr
  • $5: $39/hr

9/6/4 Double Bonus

  • $1.25: $20.48/hr
  • $2.50: $40.95/hr
  • $5: $81.90/hr

9/5/4 Double Bonus

  • $1.25: $28.80/hr
  • $2.50: $57.60/hr
  • $5: $115.20/hr

8/5 Double Bonus

  • $1.25: $36.90/hr
  • $2.50: $73.80/hr
  • $5: $147.60/hr

Bonus Poker

The best pay table for Bonus Poker in Las Vegas is typically 8/5. This returns 99.17 percent. Below is the difference between playing this game and 7/5 and 6/5 payouts for a full house and flush, respectively.

7/5 Bonus Poker

  • $1.25: $8.76/hr
  • $2.50: $17.40/hr
  • $5: $34.80/hr

6/5 Bonus Poker

  • $1.25: $17.25/hr
  • $2.50: $34.50/hr
  • $5: $69/hr


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