Plaza Las Vegas Remodeling 112 North Tower Hotel Rooms

Plaza Las Vegas is remodeling 112 hotel rooms on four floors of its North Tower. The rooms are scheduled to go on the market on June 15.

The 16th through 19th floors were torn down to the support beams for the work. This is a different approach from the 2010 remodel. That project left doors and many of the original walls intact. That is not the case this time around.

Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel took me on a personal tour of the floors under construction on May 3. It required a hard hat.

Jossel took me to the 19th floor first. We also visited the 16th floor. He showed me several improvements in the works for the new rooms.

Improvements in new rooms

Standard rooms will have the doors between adjoining ones removed and replaced with a solid wall. This will improve noise problems and privacy. ADA-compliant rooms will keep these doors for caregivers to have access between rooms. Televisions will be mounted to the walls, as opposed to placed on stands like it is now.

The bathrooms in older rooms have an awkward configuration. There is a door between the toilet and shower room and the sink, making much of the bathroom smaller than a modern hotel room. These new rooms will fix that. The door will be moved to enclose the sink with the shower and toilet. Part of a wall will be removed to make the entire bathroom more spacious. This is identical to the configuration in the Plaza cabana suite rooms.

Another feature Jossel pointed out to me in the new bathrooms is the moving of the water controls in the shower. Instead of having to get into the shower to turn the water on, the controls will be placed at the rear of the shower by the door opening. This is possible due to new plumbing being installed in each room. A major plumbing project also replaced pipes throughout the North Tower.

New suites are a part of the project. Two rooms were demolished for every suite being constructed. That puts the new suites at around 650 square feet, based on the current 325 square feet occupied by a standard Plaza hotel room.

My wife and I stayed in a mini-suite two weeks ago. The trip report is available here.



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