Fremont Street Experience Doesn’t Want You to Know About These Downtown Las Vegas Blackjack Games

As you may be aware, Fremont Street Experience made a pitiful attempt at covering downtown Las Vegas blackjack games. We caught them plagiarizing a years-old blackjack survey. That made them report a bunch of games that did not exist when the article was published.

Not only did the article report on non-existent games, it omitted existing ones that deserve recognition. This link shows the article in the Wayback Machine as it was deleted by Fremont Street Experience after I notified them of it. Let’s talk about all of that.

El Cortez has best downtown Las Vegas blackjack game

Fremont Street Experience failed to mention the best downtown Las Vegas blackjack game in its so-called insider’s guide without any attribution. It is not just the best blackjack game downtown. It is the best in the entire Las Vegas gaming market. 

It is a $10 single deck blackjack game that pays 3:2. It is the last of its kind in Las Vegas. Players may double down on any two cards but not after splitting. There is also a $10 double deck blackjack game and a six-deck one that permits double down before and after splitting. All El Cortez blackjack games hit soft 17. 

Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand offers the best six-deck blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas outside of a high limit room. This game starts at $5. It may be $10 when it is busy. Players can double down on any two cards and after splitting. Late surrender is available. Aces may be re-split into four hands. The dealer hits soft 17. These tables are so great that a $10 player loses an average of about a nickel a hand when using perfect strategy.

Downtown Grand also has a $25 double deck game. It hits soft 17. Double down before and after splitting are permitted. Like all other games noted in this article, these pay 3:2 on a blackjack.

If you are a fan of craps, you may find the last $5 game in downtown Las Vegas during slow hours. It offers 10 times odds. 


There are two good 3:2 blackjack games at Plaza. Both hit soft 17. For $10, there is a six-deck game with double down before and after splitting. A $25 double deck game has the same rules. 

If you get bored with blackjack, Plaza offers the only single zero roulette table in downtown Las Vegas. It usually has a $15 minimum bet. This game is typically $100 or more on the Las Vegas Strip.

Golden Nugget

It is a good guess that the three casinos with good blackjack discussed above were probably omitted from the report we are mocking because they do not pay into Fremont Street Experience. I am confused why the good games at Golden Nugget were not included. The FSE article from their unnamed insider could not bother to fact check whether you could play $5 3:2 blackjack there, but left off the existing good games.

It takes $50 to get a 3:2 game there these days at Golden Nugget. These tables are in the high limit salon, where service is exceptional. 

The double deck game has double down before and after splitting. The shoe game adds surrender and re-split aces. Both games hit soft 17. 

Other notable downtown Las Vegas high limit blackjack games

The double deck game described at Golden Nugget is also dealt at Golden Gate for $50. You may find it at Circa and The D for $100 or $200. 

Circa also has a $100 blackjack table that uses six decks and stands on all 17’s. It is the only downtown Las Vegas blackjack game that stands on soft 17. I recall now that Fremont Street Experience noted that fact in their article, but they did not source it. I wonder where they read it

These aren’t all the good downtown Las Vegas blackjack games. There are more there and throughout Las Vegas. We will publish a newsletter with every Las Vegas table game with minimum bets and rules by December 1. The cost is $15. Use the code vegas2021 to receive a $3 discount.

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