Las Vegas Blackjack Museum

I have been collecting Las Vegas blackjack data since 2011. I started by walking the Las Vegas Strip and downtown every December. In 2012, I added Palms and Red Rock Resort. In 2014, Orleans joined the list. By 2016, nearly all locals casinos were entered into my database of Las Vegas blackjack tables.

December is the perfect time of the year to do this work. I head out after the National Finals Rodeo leaves town and finish before the Christmas holidays start. The weather is cool enough to make days of walking miles pleasant.

Kristina Mehaffey, my wife, is a data guru. She puts the information into spreadsheets. I write content based on the information that I collected, and Kristina organized, to put together a guide for Las Vegas blackjack players.

I go into every casino and count the number of blackjack tables. I categorize the games by minimum and maximum bets, number of decks and blackjack rules such as whether it pays 3:2 or 6:5, allows double down after splitting, surrender and re-split aces. I also count the blackjack variants. I talk to dealers to confirm rules and get other insight about the games.

This data shows many trends over the past decade. It shows when the 6:5 contagion hit the Strip. It also shows when other favorable rules, such as being able to split aces more than once, started disappearing.

The Las Vegas Blackjack Museum will cover all these topics. The data gives great insight as to how the game has evolved throughout the market. Kristina will generate dozens of graphs to help tell the story.

The Las Vegas Blackjack Museum will be a continuing effort. I will add articles to it throughout the spring and summer.

Las Vegas Blackjack Museum Articles

Below is a list of articles that help cover the history of Las Vegas blackjack. When complete, it will show how blackjack has changed over the past decade.

Current Las Vegas Blackjack Variants

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Las Vegas Blackjack Variant Graveyard

New table games come and go. Some become the next big one. Most disappear, never to be seen again. This section covers all the blackjack variants that have been dealt in Las Vegas since 2011 but are no longer available.