Texas Hold’em Bonus has slowly been replaced by Ultimate Texas Hold’em and similar games over the years. It is down to six installations in Las Vegas. It is dealt at Bally’s, California, Flamingo, Fremont, Harrah’s and Linq. It starts at $5 at the Caesars Entertainment properties and $10 at the downtown Boyd ones. 

How to play Texas Hold’em Bonus

A hand of Texas Hold’em Bonus starts with the player making an ante. There is an optional bonus bet. Players and the dealer are dealt two cards. The player has the option of raising two times the ante preflop or folding. After the flop, the player must make a bet equal to the ante or fold. This repeats after the turn and river card are dealt. 

Players still in the hand use the best five cards out of the two in the hole and five community cards. The player hopes to beat the dealer. If this happens, all raises win even money. The ante pushes on wins lower than a straight. It is paid even money on a straight or better. 

Players looking for a big win at Texas Hold’em bonus will need to play the bonus side bets. That pay table is below. It wins based on the initial cards dealt based on the table below. It is multiplied by the amount of the wager. 

  • Player and dealer have pocket aces: 1,000
  • Player has pocket aces: 30
  • Player has ace-king suited: 25
  • Player has ace with queen or jack suited: 20
  • Player has ace-king offsuit: 15
  • Player has pocket jacks, queens or kings: 10
  • Player has ace with queen or jack offsuit: 5
  • Player has pocket pair of 2’s to 10’s: 3

Another side bet is paid based on the final strength of hand. There is also a royal flush progressive jackpot bet for $1. 

Las Vegas Texas Hold’em Bonus FAQ

What is the minimum bet for Texas Hold’em Bonus in Las Vegas?

The minimum bet for Las Vegas Texas Hold’em Bonus is usually $10. 

How many Las Vegas casinos deal Texas Hold’em Bonus?

Six Las Vegas casinos deal the game. 

Do any locals casinos deal Texas Hold’em Bonus?

No. All games are either on the Strip or downtown.

Is Texas Hold’em Bonus like Ultimate Texas Hold’em?

Both games are based on Texas Hold’em. However, the betting structures and payouts are entirely different.

Last updated: June 26, 2021