Photo credit: Sahara poker room staff

Sahara Poker Room

The Sahara poker room reopened on June 18, 2020. It offers seven tables. It is located between the casino cage and Northside Café. This was the high limit salon when it was SLS Las Vegas. The poker room opened there in early 2020 not long before the COVID-19 shutdown. It opens at 6pm on weeknights and noon on Saturdays and Sundays. It closes at 2am but will stay open if it is still active.

The poker room at Sahara is home to no limit Hold’em and mixed games. These are only played as cash games at this time. There are two weekly $120 no limit Hold’em tournaments. These are available on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm.

There are partitions at each poker table. This allows the Sahara poker room to seat seven players at each.

Sahara poker room cash games

The main cash game at Sahara is 1/2 no limit Texas Hold’em. At busier times, there may be a 2/5 no limit Hold’em or a pot limit Omaha game running.

Sahara is also home to a mixed game. Each player gets to pick part of the rotation. Options can include 2-7 Triple Draw, Archie, Badugi, Baducey, Badacey, crazy pineapple, dramaha, razz, seven card stud hi/lo, double flop Omaha hi/lo and a variety of others. The games are fixed limit, typically 4/8 or 6/12.

Sahara poker tournaments

Sahara offers a $120 no limit Texas Hold’em poker tournament every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. Players may late register or re-buy within the first two hours. The re-buy is $100 as it excludes the $15 admin fee and $5 staff bonus. Players start with 20,000 chips. The first level is 100/100. Levels go up every 20 minutes. 

Sahara poker promotions

The Sahara poker room offers high hand promotions and a bad beat jackpot. Players receive $100 for making four of a kind. A straight flush pays $200 and a royal flush receives $500.

The bad beat jackpot hits when a player loses aces full of queens or better. Jackpots require the use of both hole cards. A pocket pair is required for quad payouts. 

The player that draws the button in a new game wins $50. Cash game action that reaches 12 hours in a week receives a free $120 weekend tournament entry. 

Players that clock in with the PokerAtlas app receive $2 an hour in comps at cash games. These may be used at any restaurant on the property. A $1 jackpot drop funds these promotions.


The Sahara poker room opened in 2020. It offers comfortable seating and tables. There is a wall of televisions. During normal times, food may be ordered from Northside Café and eaten at the poker table.

Access to the poker room is simple. It is easy to get a great parking space most days. The poker room is near the parking garage entrance on the casino floor.

The poker room staff listens to player concerns and suggestions. It is a welcome environment for all players.

Sahara poker room rake

The rake is 10% up to $4. There is a $1 jackpot drop.

Sahara poker room FAQ

Is the Sahara poker room 24 hours a day?

No. It opens at 6pm Monday through Friday and noon on weekends. It closes at 2am, later if there is still action.

What poker games are spread at Sahara?

Players will find no limit Hold’em, pot limit Omaha and mixed games at the Sahara poker room.

How many seats are at Sahara poker tables?

There are seven seats because partitions were installed at the tables.

Are there any poker tournaments at Sahara?

Yes. There is a $120 no limit Texas Hold’em tournament on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm. 

What is the hourly comp rate at the Sahara poker room?

Players receive $2 an hour in comps.