Plaza Luxe Suite Trip Report

My wife and I were surprised last weekend when we checked into Plaza for a staycation. We were upgraded to a two-room suite on the new Luxe floors of the North Tower.

This suite has several amenities. This includes a separate bedroom and two bathrooms, as well as a living room area with modern fixtures. Pictures of the room and view are at the bottom.

Our day started with playing some of the new full pay Joker Wild machine. Plaza was known for these on the coin games, which were given away in October. I took home the quarter machine.

Oscar’s happy hour

Kristina and I met a friend at Oscar’s for happy hour. We had a couple of drinks and shared some crab cakes. That is an excellent choice on the happy hour menu. It is also an appetizer on the main menu. Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel dropped by our table to say hello to us while enjoying happy hour.

Time to walk Fremont Street

We met other friends on Fremont Street for a while. It was cold and not as festive due to that and a slower weekend.

After some fun outdoors, it was time to venture back inside to warm up. We had some Pop Up Pizza for dinner and headed back to the Joker Poker machines. After getting a few drinks, we headed back up to the room to enjoy the view.

The rooms that face Fremont Street can be loud when the bands are still playing. That can go on until after midnight. We found a trick to solve that problem. The climate control unit has a constant fan setting. It drowns out most or all the noise.

Plaza improvements

The top floors of the North Tower were completely reconstructed down to the steel beams over the summer. The king room is a $20 upgrade from the base price of the older rooms. I think this is well worth it. The suite we received is a $70 upgrade. It is essentially two rooms combined into one with one side used as a living room.

The hotel is not the only improvement. Plaza brought back full pay jokers in quarter and half-dollar denominations. The games do not permit free play or pay points. Plaza also rolled out single zero roulette with a $10 minimum in the party pit. It is the only single zero roulette downtown. In addition to these quality games, you will also find 10/7 Double Bonus, 10 times craps odds and all standard blackjack tables paying 3:2.

At off hours, you may find a $5 minimum for six-deck blackjack. It may go up to $10 when it is busy. Double deck is always $25. Double down after split is permitted at both games. The dealer hits soft 17.

Why You Should consider Plaza

Plaza makes it clear that it wants to be known as an old school Las Vegas casino. It has multiple 100% video poker games, single zero roulette, 10 times craps odds and all standard blackjack games and Free Bet Blackjack pay 3:2. The only blackjack game that does not pay 3:2 is Most Liberal 21 and it is easy to avoid.

The comps are generous. It seems easy to get free rooms and other offers. Plaza is receptive to feedback. You may even get a chance to talk with the CEO as he is often on the casino floor interacting with guests. 


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