SkyJump Trip Report

This year has been crazy. I decided to join it by doing the SkyJump at The Strat. That way I could have a fun memory as I say goodbye to 2020. 

The SkyJump drops 829 feet off the building along something that can be best described as a zipline that goes straight down. Kristina and I did it for our 10th anniversary, which was eight years ago. I have been wanting to do it again for a few years. Kristina did not.

Yesterday, I decided to do it alone. Kristina and our daughter watched from the bottom. 

I tried making reservations earlier in the week. It was closed. I got through today and they said there was no wait. We arrived around 1:15pm on Friday, December 11 and paid for it after going through a waiver process. The locals discount with the video came out to $141. 

The first step is to get into the suit. It has a Mountain Dew theme. The next step is to put on the equipment. A staff member tightens it. A second verifies it. The camera is strapped to your wrist like a watch. I was weighed in kilograms. That number was written on my wrist. 

After that, it’s off to a private elevator. It took me to the area directly. 

Once at the top, you wait in a line. I was next, so they brought me into the safety area. They double checked the harnesses and my shoes to make sure they were tight. I was weighed again. It was time to hook me up.

There are two hooks. One is brought in from the outside before walking out on the platform. Another is added with it at the entrance of the platform. There are backups for everything. Once all the safety measures were double checked, they guided me to the end of the platform. It is a very tight fit at the end.

They demand feet on the yellow line, which is thin along the ledge. Once out there, it is time to jump. 

The SkyJump team member says a countdown from three. I jumped on one. When I did it eight years ago, I needed a second countdown. That ledge gives you a lot to think about in a short time. 

It is a fun, crazy thing to do in a controlled environment. If you think you can take that step, I recommend this. Note that the employees cannot push you off. You must take the step off voluntarily. 

The first video is from my wrist camera. The second is from Kristina on the ground.


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