Trip Report for Summerlin and a Visit to Durango

Pai gow poker table with a $2 progressive side bet at Red Rock Resort on April 9, 2024Pai gow poker table with a $2 progressive side bet at Red Rock Resort on April 9, 2024 (Kristina Mehaffey/Advantage Media)

On April 9, we surveyed Rampart, Suncoast, and Red Rock in Summerlin. We parked at Rampart and walked to Suncoast and Red Rock. On our return to Rampart, Kristina rolled her ankle on a poorly designed sidewalk and sprained it. That delayed Durango’s visit until April 17.

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Our first stop in our Summerlin walk was Rampart. Most table games have a $10 minimum bet. This includes 3/2 double-deck and six-deck blackjack as well as craps, double zero roulette, Face Up Pai Gow Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Baccarat is $25. Craps offers 10 times odds and pays double on a field 12. All blackjack pays 3/2.

At first glance, video poker appears average for a locals casino. However, the bars and some machines on the floor network progressives. Two meters hold about half the house edge, helping them grow quickly. When someone hits the royal flush progressive, there is a backup, so the meter is rarely around the reset value. 

Outside the valet entrance at Rampart Resort in Summerlin on April 9, 2024
Outside the valet entrance of Rampart Resort in Summerlin on April 9 2024 Kristina Mehaffey Advantage Media


Suncoast had several construction projects underway. The showroom and adjoining bar were closed. A new sportsbook will replace that area. A food court will replace the remaining part of the buffet space that is walled off. This caused the “Up to 99.8%”  machine to move closer to the front desk. The Triple Double Bonus games are now near Subway on multi-game machines.

Table game limits are low at Suncoast. Double zero roulette is $5. Face Up Pai Gow Poker is $15. All other games start at $10, including craps, 3/2 double-deck blackjack, I Luv Suits, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Craps has 10 times odds and pays double on the field. Like all Boyd Gaming casinos in Las Vegas, double-deck blackjack games are dealt as a face-down pitch.

There are only two electronic table game options at Suncoast. Near the table game pit, both have a $3 minimum. Options include heads-up craps and multiplayer Golden Ball 00 roulette with an option side bet. Craps pays double on a field 12. No side bet is offered.

Red Rock Resort

Red Rock Resort was mostly the same as our previous visit. The main difference is that the single zero roulette game dropped la partage, meaning it is no longer European. Even money bets are now lost entirely on zero.

Crazy 4 Poker, I Luv Suits, Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker, and Roll to Win Craps were $5 during our visit. All blackjack games, craps, crapless craps, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and double zero roulette started at $15. The high limit games were $100 and $200. All craps games have 10 times odds and pay double on a field 12.

There was one change in electronic table games since our last visit. The bank of heads-up craps near the Ministar 00 roulette machine is now crapless craps. It has a $3 minimum and offers a Lucky Roller side bet. 00 roulette is still available for $0.50. Good news for players who like to play the field, the remaining heads-up craps still pays triple on a field 12. It has a $1 minimum and offers a Lucky Shooter side bet.

Durango Casino

Durango Casino added single zero roulette since our first visit to the property. It does not have la partage. It is in the high limit table game room. The games in this room start at $200. It includes six-deck blackjack that stands on soft 17, double-deck that hits soft 17 and allows re-split aces, and baccarat.

The only $5 game on the casino floor is Roll to Win Craps. Crazy 4 Poker, I Luv Suits, Mississippi Stud, and Three Card Poker, were all $10. The 3/2 double-deck and six-deck blackjack games, as well as 6/5 Free Bet were $15. Ultimate Texas Hold’em, craps, and roulette were also $15. The $25 games were 6/5 single-deck blackjack, baccarat, and Face Up Pai Gow Poker.

The same electronic table games are available. This includes live-dealer baccarat, heads-up craps, and multiplayer 00 roulette. Baccarat has a $5 minimum. Side bets include Kirin, Phoenix, Majestic Match, and Bad Beat Baccarat. Roulette has a $0.50 minimum and craps is $1.

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