We Are Still Vegas Strong

My wife and I moved to Las Vegas in 2010. We needed a change. We got it and we have never been happier.   

Las Vegas was in ruins when we arrived. The housing market suffered the biggest crash in the country, and the resorts were struggling. Unemployment was around 15 percent. Underemployment was in the same range. There were bad takes out there like this one predicting Las Vegas would be the next Detroit. I rebutted another one like it that has since been deleted.

I knew Las Vegas would come back. And it did. I know now that Las Vegas will come back from this current setback.  I also know that if we come together like we did after 1October, we will finish this stronger than how we entered the situation.

It will be unimaginably tough the next few months. There is no doubt about it. It will be unprecedented. I have heard many that were here at the time compare it to the fallout after 9/11. Las Vegas came back from that, too. It always does.

There are jobs out there

The tourism layoffs have already started, and more are on the way. However, there are other industries outside tourism that need immediate employees. Delivery services are one of those fields. Some positions include Amazon, food, pharmacy and even cannabis. You will need a reasonable driving record and your own car.

Grocery stores need immediate help. The same goes for large retailers and warehouse clubs. Janitorial services are now in high demand. Sure, these jobs may not be your first pick, but it is an idea for those that need immediate income.

Many laid off Las Vegas employees have gaming experience. If you have some writing skills, you may be able to land a gig creating content for online casinos and sportsbooks. If you worked in a sportsbook or dealt a table game or poker, your knowledge has value in this field. Online gambling is rapidly growing in the US. I expect the demand increases even more during these times.

Want to write about your job?

I am offering laid off casino employees some writing work. I planned on investing in Vegas Advantage this summer when my wife joined the company, but this is the time to spend money. If you are a poker dealer or sportsbook employee in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Laughlin or Pennsylvania, I will pay $50 for an article about your workplace. It will be anonymous, unless you request otherwise.

I am not looking for anything hard-hitting. Make it sound like the fun place it is while still pointing out its flaws in a constructive way. You do not need writing experience for this. I will edit it. I would like all the facts and your opinions, and I will work with it. I just ask that it arrives in a readable way and not full of errors.

Many of you work multiple jobs or did in the past. There is an opportunity to write more than one article if you know enough about the venue. If your work is quality, I may have even more or be able to refer you to another person in the industry in need of writers. Who knows, maybe you will find a new line of work you can do from home.

If this is something you are interested in, send me a DM on Twitter.  We can go over details. Please save this work for those that recently lost their casino jobs. I may later extend the offer to current content creators. 

I already received many responses and I am busy with life’s chaos. I will do my best to respond. Please allow me up to a day.

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