Breaking a Casino World Record for our 21st Anniversary

John and Kristina playing video poker at the Plaza.John and Kristina playing video poker at the Plaza.

We plan to keep the slot tickets from each casino as proof of our world record anniversary adventures. This means all of our casino play is technically at a loss, so we plan on inserting only $1 or $5 bills to minimize the overall expense. However, for extra fun, and some friendly competition, we are keeping track of how we each do.

A little friendly competition

We will attempt to play a pattern of keno numbers at each property. At every casino, we will play our three anniversary numbers: 10, 5, and 21. For the fourth or fifth numbers, we will represent how many casinos we have visited so far. Adjustments made for the 5th, 10th, and 21st casinos, and so on.


Who do you think will do better? Join the fun and vote now:

If all goes according to plan, the values on this page will update throughout our adventures. However, a page refresh may be needed to see updated stats.

Starting plans have been updated. The plan now is to start at Golden Gate on October 4 around 5pm PT with a small send-off celebration prior to our first play. Then, we will continue through our list of casinos. An evening drive through the suburbs before a late-night walk down the Strip.

Wildfire Lake Mead is visit number 75, where we break the world record. As long as we are on or ahead of schedule, we will spend some additional keno play time here to celebrate.

Circa is our final destination with a celebration at Legacy Club. Thank you to Circa for providing a large part of the transportation needed to complete this record!

More ways to follow our casino visits

Other ways to follow our casino visits are through live streams on our YouTube channel and on X, formerly Twitter. During some of our longer car rides between properties, we hope to have a chance to answer any questions you may have. Active members and donors can submit a question for either or both of us. We will answer questions during this downtime. The biggest thanks to all our members and supporters over the years!

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Kristina Mehaffey
Kristina is a founding member of Advantage Media LLC. She was a mathematics teacher for the Clark County School District before joining John with the websites in 2020. She enjoys Deuces Wild, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. Her preference for the aesthetics of casinos is shown in the details of the pictures on our sites. When not managing data or writing about casinos, she can be found at her local library, enjoying on one of her many crafting hobbies, or catching a laugh with her husband at a local comedy club.