Every Downtown Las Vegas 3:2 Blackjack Game

There are 11 open downtown Las Vegas casinos. This post covers all the 3:2 blackjack games that are found at these properties. It is part of our 2021 Las Vegas Blackjack Survey series. 

The predicted minimum bet is what we expect will be found during slower hours. It will often go up during busier hours. The games below have double down before and after splitting with the dealer hitting soft 17 unless otherwise noted. 

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$5 Downtown Las Vegas 3:2 blackjack

Downtown Grand has the only regular $5 downtown Las Vegas blackjack game that pays 3:2. It has surrender and re-split aces. Its pit is open Thursday through Sunday. 

Downtown Las Vegas $10 blackjack games

Most downtown Las Vegas casinos deal a $10 3:2 blackjack game. The best one is at El Cortez. It is a single deck blackjack game with double down before but not after splitting. El Cortez also offers $10 double deck and six-deck games that allow double down after spitting.

The only 3:2 game dealt at California and Fremont is double deck blackjack. Double down after splitting is not allowed.

Golden Gate and The D have $10 eight-deck blackjack games with a 3:2 payout and standard double down rules. Plaza has this game, too. You may find it for $5 there during the slowest hours of the day.

Downtown Las Vegas $15 3:2 blackjack games

Circa starts 3:2 blackjack at $15. It offers standard double down rules. The 3:2 Free Bet Blackjack games at Circa, Golden Gate and Plaza are also $15 games. The double deck game at Downtown Grand typically has a $15 minimum bet. 

Downtown Las Vegas $25 3:2 blackjack games

Golden Nugget starts 3:2 blackjack at $25. It is a shoe with surrender. Other $25 3:2 blackjack games include the double deck at Plaza and Free Bet Blackjack at The D. 

Downtown Las Vegas $50 3:2 blackjack games

There are two regular $50 3:2 blackjack games on Fremont Street. One is the double deck at Golden Nugget with double down after splitting. This game was moved from the high limit salon to the pit due to the pandemic. It replaced the $25 double deck on the floor that did not permit double down after splitting. 

The other $50 downtown Las Vegas 3:2 blackjack game is the double deck in high limit at Golden Gate. It has the same rules as the $50 Golden Nugget table.

Downtown Las Vegas $100 3:2 blackjack games

There are four downtown Las Vegas $100 blackjack games. The best is at Circa. It is a six-deck game that stands on all 17’s. It is the only game in downtown Las Vegas with that rule. Circa also has a double deck game that hits soft 17. The six-deck hit soft 17 table in high limit at The D is $100. 

The Golden Nugget high limit shoe with surrender and re-split aces is the other. It hits soft 17. We have not seen the Golden Nugget high limit salon open since the pandemic started. 

Highest limit downtown Las Vegas blackjack game

The blackjack game with the highest minimum bet is at The D. It is a double deck with standard double down rules. It usually has a $200 or $300 minimum bet. This game is regularly $50 at Golden Gate and $100 at Circa. 

No traditional 3:2 blackjack at Binion’s and Four Queens

Binion’s and Four Queens do not deal any traditional 3:2 blackjack games. Both have big signs at several tables announcing 3:2 odds. However, these tables require a $1 side bet that we estimate adds $0.23 to the house edge of every hand. That makes it one of the worst blackjack games in Las Vegas

The best game at Binion’s is Double Up Blackjack. Lucky Cat Blackjack is the best option at Four Queens. You can read about these games on our Las Vegas Blackjack Variants page.

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