South Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Survey

The south end of the Las Vegas Strip consists of all casinos from Mandalay Bay up to Aria, MGM Grand, and Tropicana. The blackjack on this section of the Strip is among the worst on the Las Vegas Strip, value-wise, for low-limit players. Higher-limit blackjack players will find some of the best games here. All games listed below hit soft 17 unless otherwise noted. 

There are eight casinos in this section. MGM Resorts owns seven of the eight, and Penn Gaming’s Tropicana is the other.

The minimum bet noted is our predicted lowest offered at the casino. This pertains to slower hours. Minimum bets may go up, sometimes drastically, during busier hours. 

The biggest change on this part of the Las Vegas Strip from last year is that Blackjack Switch is no longer available. MGM Resorts removed this game from all its Las Vegas casinos in 2020.

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Best blackjack on South Las Vegas Strip

The best blackjack is found in three high-limit salons in this section of the Strip. The games are double-deck that stands on all 17’s. Players may double down before and after splitting. The same casinos have a six-deck blackjack game that stands on all 17’s. These games add surrender and re-split aces. The casinos with both games are Aria, MGM Grand and Park MGM. Tropicana and Mandalay Bay deal the six-deck version. The minimum bet is usually $100 for these games but can be $200 or more during busier times. 

The pandemic affected table game hours at many casinos, especially high limit salons. If you go to a casino to play a specific game, we recommend making sure that the pits or salon will be open at that time. 


Aria hosts five different blackjack games. The casino’s eight-deck blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack pay 6:5 and start at $25. It also takes $25, often $50, to get a traditional 3:2 game. This is six-deck blackjack that allows doubling down before and after splitting, surrendering, and re-splitting aces. There is a $100 game in high-limit with these rules that also stands on all 17’s. The other high-limit game is stand on all 17 double-deck. It typically has a $100 or $200 minimum. Doubling down before and after splitting is allowed.


There are three blackjack games at Excalibur. This does not include Down Under Blackjack, which the casino dropped in 2020. Players may choose between two 6:5 games for a $10 minimum. One is a standard eight-deck; the other is Free Bet Blackjack. The third game at Excalibur is a 3:2 eight-deck table for $25. It allows doubling down before and after splitting. 


Blackjack starts at $10 at Luxor. There is a traditional 6:5 eight-deck game along with 6:5 Free Bet Blackjack. Luxor also offers two high-limit games that pay 3:2 and that have a $100 minimum. One is a double-deck table allowing a double-down before and after splitting. The other, a six-deck game, adds surrender and re-split aces. Luxor hits soft 17 at all blackjack tables. 

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has five blackjack games. It takes $15 to play 6:5 games, available for both standard eight-deck and Free Bet Blackjack. A $25 3:2 eight-deck table has standard double-down rules, plus surrender and re-split aces. There is a stand-on-all-17 game with these same rules. There is also a $100 double-deck game that stands on all 17’s with doubling down allowed both before and after splitting. 

MGM Grand

The blackjack news out of MGM Grand this year is that all its pit games now hit on soft 17. Players must head to high-limit tables to get a game that stands on all 17’s. One of these is a double-deck table with a $200 minimum bet. It allows a double-down before or after splitting. A $100 six-deck game adds option to surrender or re-split aces. A $25 3:2 game on the floor has these rules as well, but hits on soft 17. There is also $15 6:5 blackjack and 6:5 Free Bet. 

New York-New York

Blackjack starts at $10 at New York-New York. It pays 6:5, and players can choose between Free Bet Blackjack or a standard eight-deck game. A $25 minimum gets a 3:2 eight-deck that offers a double-down before and after splitting, as well as surrender and re-split aces. For $100, there’s a six-deck high-limit table with these rules. There is also a $100 3:2 double-deck table in high-limit, with doubling down allowed before and after splitting. All New York-New York blackjack games, including in high-limit, hit soft 17.

Park MGM

Park MGM has either $10 6:5 games in the pits or $100 3:2 stand-on-all-17 games in high-limit. There is nothing in between. The $10 6:5 games are eight-deck or Free Bet Blackjack. The $100 3:2 games are double-deck that allows a double-down before and after splitting and six-deck that adds surrender and re-split aces. 


Tropicana requires $15 or $25 for a 3:2 game, depending on the time of day. The options are double-deck or six-deck. Both allow doubling down before and after splitting. The high-limit game is a six-deck that stands on all 17’s. This game adds surrender and re-split aces. The other blackjack game pays 6:5, and it is either $10 or $15 to play.

Last updated: June 26, 2021