Home Alone Trip Report

Kristina and my daughter visited friends and family for a week. I was home alone to take care of the pets. This gave me plenty of time to play.

They left on a Wednesday. I hit a royal flush the night before at Plaza when playing with Kristina. I figured I would try to parlay my luck at the same place.

I started at quarter Joker Poker. I played for hours, breaking even. I had the $100 I started with and wanted to try my luck before I left. I decided on the replica of the old Las Vegas Club Catch the Heat reels. I caught a nice win nearly off the bat.

A few spins later, this happened:


That was the second time it happened to me on the new machines. I caught it once on the original machines. It is a bit different, and only paid $1,000 as opposed to $2,500. This is what the coin version of the game looked like when it had a jackpot:

I left shortly after that. It was time to call it a night. 

Thursday was a break day. I went back to Plaza Friday night. I played Joker Poker and Bonus Poker Deluxe. Neither went well, but it was not a problem. I had fun and it was a small part of the previous sessions. 

I took Uber downtown from my Summerlin house. It took about an hour to get a car. I left Plaza around 2am. Rideshare was overwhelmed. There were no cabs at Plaza and dozens of people waiting. I went to Golden Nugget and waited behind two parties. No cabs came after 20 minutes. I walked over to the cab stand at California. I was first in line. After about 15 minutes, I got picked up. 

I stayed home Saturday. On Sunday, I hit Santa Fe Station. I played Dream Card and Big Split Poker. Dream Card treated me right. 

The next stop was a PT’s Tavern by my house. I got a couple of free drinks and got dealt this crazy hand. It was time to call it a night.

I went back to Plaza on Monday. I started at Joker Poker. I caught a five of a kind and went to Bonus Poker Deluxe. It kept giving me quads. Here is a sample:


I then tried my luck at the Catch the Heat machine. I treaded water for a while and left. I headed over to California to play some coin games. I donated $40 to Treasure Chest Poker before calling it a night. 

Kristina and our daughter came back the next day. It was time to end my staycation and get back to my version of a normal Las Vegas life. 

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