Las Vegas Comedy Clubs May Be Best Medicine

LA Comedy Club resident headliner, Butch Bradley. (Credit: Butch Bradley)

There are hundreds of entertainment options in Las Vegas. My wife and I could not agree on which ones to choose during our first few years of living here. In 2015, we finally agreed on comedy clubs. We have been going several times a month ever since. It has been great for our marriage to have a date night activity that we both enjoy.

Our first Las Vegas comedy club was at Riviera. It had half-off locals discounts. This put the tickets at $15 each with tax. It was a great club. It pushed the limits. We went the last weekend and Andrew Dice Clay made a surprise appearance. He roasted my wife during his act.

LA Comedy Club

LA Comedy Club acquired much of the Riviera Comedy Club equipment. It kept the same policy as Riviera in terms of comedy, which means there are no rules. My wife and I are regulars at LA Comedy Club.

The drinks are $10 or less. It has a $20 all-you-can-drink well and beer before and during the show. For $25, it is open bar. After the show, you can buy any drink for $5.

The 6pm show is Redneck Comedy Magic. At 8pm, the weekly headliner performs. The 10pm show is Butch Bradley, except on Wednesday and Thursday, when it is Night Court’s Marsha Warfield. The features and emcees at these shows tend to be local talents.

Laugh Factory

Laugh Factory is at Tropicana. It hosts a weekly headliner twice per week. There are two shows nightly. The feature and emcee may also tour or be locals. It offers drinks in the $10 to $15 range.

Caesars comedy clubs

Caesars has two comedy clubs. One is Comedy Cellar at Rio. The other is Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at Linq. Diamond and Seven Stars players can receive tickets once a month to either show. Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club uses the traditional headliner format. Comedy Cellar offers a lineup of five comedians. Three or four are touring ones, while a local comedian may also feature.

Las Vegas Live

Las Vegas Live is at Planet Hollywood but is operated by the same owner as LA Comedy Club. Edwin San Juan is the resident headliner. The feature and emcee are usually locals. One funny feature of Las Vegas Live is seeing a video of the headliner on the ‘Cops’ TV show.

Brad Garrett Comedy Club

Brad Garrett Comedy Club is at MGM Grand. It is pricier than the other clubs. It gets national talent for its daily 9pm show.

Hilarious 7

The Hilarious 7 is at Hooters every Wednesday and Friday at 9pm. It is hosted by John Hilder. There are six other comics, each getting exactly ten minutes on stage. A timer counts down on stage during each set. This is comedy’s version of short attention span theater.


Jokesters is a comedy show performed in the showroom at The D. There is a 10:30pm show daily. The comedians tend to be locals with some touring headliners. The drinks are in the $10 to $15 range but are all doubles.

Downtown Grand

Downtown Grand’s new showroom hosts a comedy show Thursday through Sunday at 9pm. It is managed by the same person that operates Jokesters. The performers rotate, but also perform at The D on some other weeks.

How to get discount tickets to Las Vegas Comedy Clubs

Most discount ticket brokers on the Strip sell comedy club tickets for about half price. Similar deals can be found on sites like Groupon.

Most Las Vegas comedy clubs give locals half price or more. Free ticket sites like House Seats, Fill a Seat and Plugin Vegas offer locals free tickets with a membership that runs about $60 to $80 per year. These are only available to Nevada residents.

Caesars Rewards, also known as Total Rewards, gives Diamond and Seven Stars players free show tickets. Comedy Cellar and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Go to the players center to see if your card qualifies.

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