Rampart Trip Report: Craps, Blackjack and Earl Grey Café

My son visited for Thanksgiving. He is in college out of state. We decided to go out Wednesday night and play some craps while Kristina and other family visiting stayed home.

We did this during a summer visit. At that time, we went to Suncoast. We had some issues converting a comp and it wasted a bunch of time. Not wanting to deal with that again, we gave Rampart a try. It is next to Suncoast near the Rampart-Summerlin Parkway exit.

Craps is $10 at Rampart. Players may take up to 10 times odds on the pass line, come, don’t pass and don’t come bets. This is tied with many casinos for the second highest Las Vegas craps odds.

We were happy to see that the table game pits at Rampart are nonsmoking. It also has some nonsmoking slot areas. 

We played for six hours the first night. It was great to have fun in a casino with my son. The night was mostly uneventful. That is until he hit a massive heater on 4’s. A player at the table won $7,000 off his roll. Another hit for about $3,000. I won about $1,000. My son won about $500. 

That is not all of it though. The player that won $7,000 tipped him $100. Another player gave him $75. I told him that this is not normal and that craps is not usually like this. We won about $2,500.

We got a comp for $60 from the pit. We took it to Earl Grey Cafe. It was the best meal that I have ever had at a casino cafe by a long shot. 

The second night of craps was the opposite of the first

On Friday, we decided to return to Rampart. My son learned that our session two days before was an anomaly. We could not make anything. We eventually threw in the craps towel and headed to a blackjack table.

Rampart has two blackjack options. There is double deck blackjack with double down before and after splitting. Six-deck blackjack at Rampart adds surrender and re-split aces. The dealer hits soft 17. Both have $10 minimums and pay 3:2. 

We chose double deck blackjack. They allowed me to help my son. It is dealt as a pitch, so he needed to learn the procedure of tucking cards and what to do on splits and double down hands. 

We got our craps money back and then some. We had some streaks where the dealer could not make a hand. Once we were done playing, we headed back to Earl Grey Café. It was just as great as two nights before. The food and service are both better than I would ever expect from a similar casino restaurant. 

Even though I have lived near Rampart for 11 years, it has never been in my rotation. That will change. Kristina and I have already been back to eat and check out what video poker we could play together in one of its nonsmoking areas. 

I saw plenty of bad craps bets made during our two nights of play. I covered those in an article about craps betting mistakes on one of our other Advantage sites.