Tips for Avoiding Germs at Casinos

It is easy to see how germs may spread in casinos. However, that does not mean you must avoid having fun. At the time of publication, there are no known coronavirus cases in Las Vegas. However, it is still flu season. These tips can help you avoid that virus, too.

There are simple precautions you can take to kill germs and avoid those that may be sick. Nothing is guaranteed though. If you are prone to illness, you may want to stay away from all public places if there is an outbreak.

Pick up hand wipes

Most casinos have wet hand wipes. Ask a cage cashier, slot attendant or bartender for a handful. I collect these and carry them in case a casino is out.

These wipes use different types of alcohol to sterilize anything that contacts it. I always wipe down a video poker machine and my hands when I first sit. I do the same when I stay in a hotel. It is a habit I have had for decades that dates to the coin game era.

Ticket-in/ticket-out machines made slots cleaner. However, anything hands touch can still carry germs. 

If you need to touch your eyes, mouth, ears or nose, use one of these wipes before doing so. I repeat the slot cleaning multiple times in a session. I may look like a foolish germophobe, but I do not think that I have ever gotten sick from a casino visit.

Wash your hands in restroom

I am stunned by the number of people that fail to wash hands when using the restroom in casinos. It is disgusting. With today’s coronavirus threat, and the normal flu season, it is inexcusable.

I wash my hands with soapy foam and hot water before and after using the restroom to make up for those that do neither. If the sink does not have sensors that turn the water off and on, I use a paper towel to do it. The same goes for opening doors if there is one.

Carry hand sanitizer

This is especially important if you are playing table games. You cannot take wet wipes to the cards, dice or table. In this case, apply hand sanitizer multiple times each hour. If you do not have any, it is likely the poker room or table game pit has a bottle. Ask the supervisor. They are happy to supply it. They do not want to get sick either.

If you are sick, stay home

Nobody wants to play poker or table games with someone sneezing and coughing. If you are experiencing that, stay home, no matter what the cause. Make a sports bet on your phone while recovering at home if you have the urge to gamble. If you feel a sneeze coming on, step away from the table and contain it. If a sick person sits at your table, it may be time to call it a session.

This is not medical advice. It is just my observations from years of casino experience. The World Health Organization has tips on staying safe from viruses.

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