Slots A Fun Rolls Out Major Changes

Roll to Win Craps and blackjack tables in the pit at Slot A Fun on February 26, 2024Roll to Win Craps, 00 roulette, and blackjack tables in the pit at Slot A Fun on February 26, 2024

Slots A Fun is a Las Vegas Strip relic attached to Circus Circus. The 16,733-square-foot casino has been nearly empty for most of the last 10 years. During our visits, we rarely saw more than a handful of players, if there were any at all. The bar was walled off for about two years. It had the ambiance of a mortuary. Vegas Advantage surveys showed no reason to keep Slots A Fun open. That appears to be changing.

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Coin slots moved into Slots A Fun

Circus Circus was the only Las Vegas Strip casino with coin slots. Most of the 80 or so Circus Circus coin slots ended up at Slots A Fun. We found about 20 machines turned off in the video poker room near the sports bar.

All the coin slots are reels. A sign advertises that some return 97.4%. There are no video poker coin games. Most modern machines at Slots A Fun traded places with the ones at Circus Circus. There are about 20 ticket-in/ticket-out slots left at Slots A Fun. All others are coin slots.

Table games open at Slots A Fun

For the first time in about 15 years, Slots A Fun has live table games. There are two 6/5 blackjack tables and a double zero roulette one. There were two Roll to Win Craps machines at Circus Circus. One is now at Slots A Fun. 

The tables were not open during our visit. Based on the limits at Circus Circus, Roll to Win Craps is $5 with 3-4-5 times maximum odds. The live tables probably start at $10.

All electronic table games that were at Slots A Fun are gone. We did not find them in Circus Circus. However, the ones already on the floor at Circus Circus are still there.

Bar deals available 

The Slots A Fun bar had been closed for a couple of years before this past weekend. It reopened with $2 bar specials. The options are Dos Equis, Heineken, a hot dog, popcorn, or shrimp cocktail. 

The beer is 12-ounce drafts. The shrimp cocktail portion looked small. We saw a couple of hot dogs sold that seemed about what one would expect. The popcorn was not visible.

While the $2 deals are great, the other drink prices are not. We ordered a call drink that was $12. We heard some prices in the same range as others ordered drinks.

Slots A Fun bar video poker

There are some decent $0.50 and $1 video poker games at the Slots A Fun bar. The best is 15/9 Deuces Wild. Other options include 8/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe and 9/5 Jacks or Better.

The best quarter game is 6/5 Bonus Poker with four progressive meters. There is one for a royal flush, straight flush, four aces, and four 2s, 3s, or 4s. The only video poker available at Slots A Fun is at the bar.

Changes at Circus Circus 

There were several changes on the Circus Circus casino floor. The two machines with $1 8/5 Bonus Poker are gone. There are no more playable video poker games at Circus Circus. You are better off heading to the Slots A Fun bar. All the Circus Circus bartops return 97% or worse at all denominations.

There were three changes in the pit. One of the two Roll to Win Craps machines moved to Slots A Fun. Ultimate Texas Hold’em is now Jackpot Hold’em. Previously, we only saw that version of the game at Sahara

The other change is that Double Exposure Blackjack is no longer dealt at Circus Circus. We asked three dealers about it. Two said it was still there even though we couldn’t find the tables. A third dealer said it’s gone.

Circus Circus was the only Las Vegas casino with Double Exposure Blackjack. The game is back to extinction like it was for a few years between when Riviera closed and Circus Circus reintroduced it.

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