Trip Report: Plaza Las Vegas Cabana Suite

It is no secret that I play at Plaza more than anywhere else. I play some of the old coin video poker machines and some full-pay Bonus Poker Deluxe there, among other games.

I save up my Plaza comps and use them all once a year for a summer staycation. My wife and I stayed on the nights of June 12 and 13.

This is the third year we have received a cabana suite. We’ve been in three different ones, all with unique layouts.

This year’s room was 553. It is at the end of the hallway. It has a patio that is twice the size of others. It has a view of Main Street below. This would be perfect for a private pool party. Getting this room was a surprise upgrade so we did not bring any guests to fill the extra space. However, it was nice for when the sun changed angles.

The interior room is typical of others that I have been in at Plaza with some upgrades. This one has a king bed, mini-fridge, safe, and a seating area with two chairs. The bathroom has a wide vanity with a doorless shower.

Cabana suite guests can access the pool deck from the patios. There is a magnetic lock on that door that prevents pool access when it is closed. The pool hours during our visit were 9am to 8pm. Keycard entry is available for the room from the deck.

Plaza Pool Visits

My wife and I visited the pool twice. We enjoyed a frozen pina colada both times. The frozen part is virgin, so guests can choose their favorite liquor. My wife ordered Fireball. I had traditional Malibu Rum.

The drinks are $20 each. That may sound steep, but they come with four shots of liquor. An $8 Plaza souvenir cup, not included in the $20 drink charge, is required for the large size. If you bring it back for future visits, you can save that $8.

The pool was relaxing. It is a family pool. There were well-behaved children of all ages in it. While that may seem annoying to some, it was fine to us. We have kids and having to throw a stray beach ball back to the ones playing now and then is not a big deal.


My wife and I dined at Oscar’s Tuesday night. It was a part of our comp. I had the bone-in filet. I always get it there, when available. My wife had the small filet. The bone-in has great flavor. I think it is worth the upgrade. We started with crab cakes, which is our favorite appetizer at Oscar’s. They were excellent as always. We decided to pass on alcohol and dessert.

Playing at Plaza

My wife and I moved to the sportsbook bar to play some video poker. I used to advise playing at the Omaha bar instead. Plaza upgraded the pay tables in the sportsbook to match Omaha.

The best game available on these machines is 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe. Other games worth playing include 9/6 Jacks or Better, 8/5 Bonus Poker and 9/7/5 Double Bonus. Most of the games at the bar return at least 99% with five coins and perfect play.

As usual, my wife won, and I lost more. That never fails when we play anything in a casino. She played Jacks or Better. I played Bonus Poker Deluxe and never hit quads.

We decided to head to Fremont Street. We took our drinks with us. We sat on a bench outside to finish them before crossing Main Street. We never made it. We sat on the bench for hours. Maybe we’re just an old married couple, but it was a blast.

We learned a lot about how Fremont Street Experience operates from there, as well as Plaza. My wife and I talked casino business, and occasionally, played photographer for groups of tourists.

Golden Knights Celebration

We lucked out and managed to stay downtown during the Golden Knights celebration. After an afternoon of sun at the pool and Joker Poker, we went to the stage by The D for it. We were about 25 rows of fans back on the Four Queens side. The picture to the right was our view.

It was fun to be a part of the energy. It seemed like most attendees were locals and not tourists that just stumbled upon it.

One annoyance was the number of parents that brought strollers into the crowds. It caused so many unnecessary issues. I have no idea how any parent can think that was a good idea. Many left the chaos with their screaming children before the event was over.

Andiamo Steakhouse

We made 8:30pm reservations at Andiamo Steakhouse at The D. It was quite busy. There was a big crowd outside with security. We did not know why until we got seated. The Vegas Golden Knights players and their guests were seated in the private dining room and one large table outside of it. We were seated at a two-top right next to their table in the dining room.

Andiamo was excellent. My wife and I got a bone-in ribeye for two, prepared medium-rare. The waiter asked how we wanted it cut. We asked for thin slices. It was cooked perfectly. Our sides were mashed potatoes and lobster pasta. While the pasta may not have been the best pairing for steak, I recommend it. It was one of the best sides that I’ve ever had.

We did not order any appetizers. However, guests get a bowl of pasta before the meal.

This was our first visit to Andiamo Steakhouse. We are adding it to our rotation.

We were stuffed after our dinner. We went back to the room and called it a night. We checked out the next morning.

This was our best downtown staycation in a long time. Special thanks to my host Nicole and the great staff at Plaza for making that happen.

Here is the trip report from last year, which featured the large cabana suite with two rooms. This suite does not have a patio with direct access to the pool. However, the door to the pool lobby is about 15 feet down the hallway.

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