Trip Report: Plaza Mini Suite

My wife is a teacher in the Clark County School District. We took a staycation during her spring break. We decided to spend a night in downtown Las Vegas.

I play almost exclusively at Plaza. I have gotten to know the staff at Plaza well over the years. Many worked at Las Vegas Club, too. That’s where my favorite machines were before it closed.

This play qualifies me for some nice perks. We received a cabana suite during each of the last three summers. The weather this week is not conducive to a day at the pool, so we got a mini-suite.

The room we got faces south towards the Las Vegas Strip. It is on the 14th floor in the South Tower. It has a wet bar in it, as well as a seating area and two windows. There is also a large closet.

I believe the bathroom is the same as the one in standard rooms. It is small compared to modern rooms but equal to ones from its era.

Gambling report

My wife and I played the coin joker machines. There are two set up together. As usual, she won a little bit and I lost more. Neither of us made a bigger hand than a straight flush. We did not play any other games this trip.

Oscar’s dinner

We received a comp for Oscar’s as part of our stay. We both had a filet. Mine was bone-in. Get it medium rare and it is perfect. We also like the crab cakes as an appetizer.

The view from Oscar’s has changed over the years. When it first opened, you could see all the way down Fremont Street. Now, the zipline platform obstructs much of that view. The Las Vegas Club demolition and construction of Circa on the site also changes the landscape. On the other hand, Binion’s and California are now visible from the Oscar’s dome.

What else did we do?

Our visit was for just one night. This did not give us much time to spend on Fremont Street. It was unusually cold for this time of the year and my wife hates that type of weather. Our non-gaming activity entirely consisted of alcohol. This is a great time to mention that the drink service at Plaza is exceptional. There are too many cocktail servers that make that happen to name.

Shout out to hosts

Nicole is my host at Plaza. She set up the stay with some generous comps. Nicole was off the night that we stayed. Curt made sure that we were taken care of and we were.

Plaza has an old school mentality when it comes to comps. This is especially true for tourists. I have introduced several friends to Plaza. Action that may not get noticed elsewhere receives attention there. Mailers often include free rooms, free play and food comps. If you stay downtown or are considering building a relationship with a casino there, Plaza is a great option.

Video tour of Plaza mini-suite

Photos of Plaza mini-suite

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