Stratosphere Changes Go Beyond Rebranding

The Stratosphere officially announced its rebranding to The Strat during the Super Bowl. The company bought local Super Bowl ad space in Las Vegas. It also took to social media through its accounts and sponsored posts.

The Strat announcement was met with mixed results. I do not like it. However, I do not think that it should be a reason to ignore all the positive change happening on the property. If you do not like the new name, use the old one like I will probably do for decades.

Only $5 3:2 blackjack on the Las Vegas Strip

Stratosphere is the only casino on the Las Vegas Strip that offers 3:2 blackjack with a $5 minimum bet. Old ownership had a table or two of this game that opened during peak hours. Golden Entertainment converted the 6:5 blackjack pit by the craps tables to 3:2 after it acquired the property. These tables typically have a $5 minimum bet and are open 24 hours a day.

Craps odds are ten times

Ten times odds are offered on its craps tables. There are two traditional craps tables in the back pit. There is also a crapsless craps game where the player cannot lose on the come-out roll. A 7 wins, while all other rolls become the point. The minimum bet is usually $10.

Heads Up Hold’em

Stratosphere replaced its Ultimate Texas Hold’em tables with Heads Up Hold’em. Expert players will not like this move as Heads Up Hold’em removes the four times preflop raise. Only three times may be raised before the flop in this game. The four times raise is replaced with a bad beat bonus. As most players do not play the game correctly anyway, especially before the flop, this is a positive.

Heads Up Hold’em has a house edge 0.11 percent worse than Ultimate Texas Hold’em when played perfectly. Those that make many mistakes before the flop will see a much better return with the bad beat payout.

New restaurants

My wife and I go to Stratosphere two or three times a month. We are regulars at the LA Comedy Club there. We used to dine at Fellini’s before or after shows. We stopped doing that because the quality of food and service declined drastically.

Vital Vegas reported that Fellini’s is closing. Presumably, a new restaurant will take its place. If you miss Fellini’s, you can go to Suncoast and eat at Salvatore’s. It is owned and operated by the same company, and in our opinion, much better.

That is one of many dining changes. Top of the World, located in the tower, is a rotating restaurant. It landed a new chef under the new ownership. Other upgrades include Strat Café and Wok, 108 Treats and Blvd & Main Tavern. The 107 Skylounge, home to a great happy hour, will undergo a renovation this year.

New sportsbook

A new sportsbook has been under construction since the middle on 2018. A temporary one opened in the old ticket booth area at the top of the casino escalators. Stratosphere will get a mobile betting app in 2019. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of the independent sportsbook being taken over by William Hill.

Remodeling of hotel rooms

Stratosphere announced a remodeling of about 900 hotel rooms last year. At least 250 of these rooms are already on the market under the Elevate series.


A new show will open at The Strat on February 27. It is called Celestia. It is described as “a journey of acrobatics, artistry and illusion.” It will be performed under a 200,000 square-foot tent on the property.

LA Comedy Club and MJ Live remain as entertainment options from the previous owners. There is a $25 all-you-can-drink special at LA Comedy Club. Locals can get in for $15.

Rides are still available

The rides at Stratosphere are my favorite attraction in Las Vegas. My wife and I did the SkyJump in 2012. It was a blast. The other rides on the tower are fun if you are not scared of heights. These attractions have locals discounts.

All images are courtesy of The Strat.

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