Best Las Vegas Blackjack Games in 2021

We visited every Las Vegas casino that deals table games in November and December. The list below shows the six best blackjack games that we found in terms of lowest house edge based on the rules. All games listed pay 3:2 on a blackjack.

Most of these games are found in Las Vegas high limit salons. There are a few low limit games in the mix, including one that has the lowest minimum bet in the market. 

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Top two Las Vegas blackjack games from 2020 are no longer available

Las Vegas lost its first and second best blackjack game in the market due to the pandemic. M Resort started hitting soft 17 at its high limit double deck tables a few weeks ago. Previously, this game would stand on all 17’s. It was the only double deck blackjack game in Las Vegas that was S17 and allowed aces to be re-split.

A representative from M Resort told me that this is a temporary move. The pandemic changed the dealing of double deck games to shoes from pitch. The game was vulnerable to card counting when dealt face up. The representative said that the stand on all 17 version of this game will return when it is safe to deal pitch blackjack games again. 

The second place game was at Bighorn Casino and Longhorn Casino. Table games were removed from both casinos during the pandemic closure.  It was a standard locals casino shoe game that permitted players to double down on two and three cards and added surrender and re-split aces to three hands. We hope that this game returns, but have been unable to confirm its future. 

Best Las Vegas blackjack game

Some high limit salons on the Las Vegas Strip offer a stand on all 17 double deck blackjack game. It allows double down before and after spitting, but aces may not be re-split. This game is typically $50 at Treasure Island, $100 at Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Mirage and Park MGM and $200 at MGM Grand.

The house edge for this game is around 0.26%. It is the best blackjack game in Las Vegas in terms of rules.

Stand on all 17 six-deck blackjack games

Most Las Vegas Strip casinos offer a six-deck blackjack game that stands on all 17’s. Our 2021 Las Vegas Blackjack Survey found that all are now in high limit salons. The last few tables in pits at Bellagio and MGM Grand were turned into ones that hit soft 17.

The best high limit six-deck blackjack tables allow players to double down before and after splitting, surrender and re-split aces into four hands. These games start at $50 at M Resort, Sahara and Treasure Island. For $100, it is dealt at Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Encore, Green Valley Ranch, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, Palace Station, Palazzo, Park MGM, Red Rock, Strat, Tropicana, Venetian and Wynn. These games have a house edge of about 0.28%. 

Caesars has its own set of rules for high limit six-deck blackjack games. Players may surrender but aces cannot be re-split. These tables have a $100 minimum bet at Caesars Palace, Cromwell, Flamingo, Harrah’s, Paris, Planet Hollywood and Rio. This game has a house edge of about 0.35%.

Bally’s offered this game with a $50 minimum until March 2020. Its high limit section has not reopened since. The tables were removed for poker tournament seating. It is unknown if these games will return to Bally’s.

El Cortez single deck blackjack

El Cortez offers the best single deck blackjack game in Las Vegas by a longshot. Players may double down on any two cards but not after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17. The house edge is about 0.3%.

Double Up Blackjack

Four Queens and Binion’s deal Double Up Blackjack. This blackjack game allows players to double the original bet on two cards when standing. The dealer pushes all player hands when making a 16, except 21. The minimum bet is $5. The house edge is 0.32%. For complete rules, see the Wizard of Odds explanation of the game

Double deck blackjack with re-split aces

Some Las Vegas double deck blackjack games that hit soft 17 allow players to re-split aces. Silverton offers this game for $10. It is $50 or $100 at Green Valley Ranch, M Resort, Palace Station and Red Rock Resort. The house edge for this game is about 0.4%. 

Double down on three cards

While the Longhorn and Bighorn blackjack game is at least temporarily dead, there is still a game like it in North Las Vegas. Poker Palace has a $3 to $50 game that allows players to double down on two or three cards before or after splitting. The dealer hits soft 17. Players may not surrender or re-split aces like the Bighorn and Longhorn game. The house edge for this game is about 0.41%. 

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